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Small Law Firm Marketing: Get More Paying Clients

November, 12 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Perhaps your firm has seen a reduction in clients lately, or maybe you’ve offered too many free consultations, yet not many have opted to retain your services. 

Either way, you need to do something to keep your business afloat—and something fast. 

If you don’t start bringing in more income soon, you may be forced to do something drastic to reduce your overhead costs. Just because you’re a small firm doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. 

In Fact

You can avoid downgrading your nice office or laying off your most loyal employees just to make ends meet. Some expert marketing is necessary in order to improve your business, but you may wonder: how do you market a small law firm? 

There are many ways to prevent you from having to resort to downgrading, and here are some surefire tips for launching an internet marketing for lawyers plan to help your small law firm attract more paying clients.

1. Claim your Google Business Listing & Complete All Necessary Information

google my business

It’s free to list your law firm with Google my business for lawyers, which is an SEO-based program that enables you to bring more exposure to your firm. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategic method of bringing more attention to a specific website. The more effective the SEO is, the more publicity it will bring to a website or business.

Google is one of the most used search engines there is, and whenever prospective clients go online and search for legal services, your law firm will come up as a possibility. 

This will substantially increase your chances of driving new paying clients to your law firm. There are many SEO for law firm websites that can teach you all about ensuring your law firm receives a huge increase in prospective clients.

2. Get Listed on Local and National Directories 

lawyer directories

You would be surprised at the number of local and national law firm directories that there are. Listing your law firm with these online directories will increase your online existence, driving customers your way. 

A quick Google search should provide you with the many popular local and national legal directories like,, and many more. You should register with them all for the best results, as some of them are more popular than others. However, even the least popular ones can possibly bring you business.

3. Get featured on a School Alumni Page

alumni page

There are many benefits of featuring your law firm on a school alumni page. Not only can doing so provide you with clients that have been referred to you for services by the alumni, but it can also provide promotion of your business. Alumni can help promote your business by encouraging word-of-mouth marketing. 

There are many other benefits of featuring your law firm on a school alumni page (including a really high-quality backlink), and once you choose the school, you can contact them to discover what steps you need to take to get started.

4. Set up Business Profiles on Social Media 

social media profile

Your law firm is not likely to be as successful as you desire without a vast social networking presence. 

More than 95% of consumers admitted to utilizing social media as a means of locating business services, and more than 70% of businesses use social media as a means of marketing, with positive results. 

That is why it’s imperative that you develop a law firm social media strategy, which is guaranteed to bring more exposure to your law firm. 

When creating your profiles on the various social media platforms, be sure to focus on where your target demographic is and not where you would personally like to be. 

For instance, if you specialize in family law, optimize and use your LinkedIn profile to build your business while emphasizing your specialty.

5. Prove to your target audience that you’re an expert

YouTube Channel

You’ve already attended school, earned the appropriate degree, and passed the BAR exam. You may have even had some experience with winning cases, which is certainly a great start. Your next step is to make sure you show that you are a trusted and knowledgeable source of information. This is a great way to make prospective clients aware of your law firm, as well as send new paying clients your way.

YouTube videos

Creating YouTube videos is a very popular way to market yourself by showing that you’re an expert in the law that you specialize in. You can create videos speaking about different topics related to your law specialty, and at the end of the video you can provide your contact information. It’s a genius way to show that you’re a sought-after, experienced and knowledgeable law professional, which can be very convincing to future clients.

Guest blogs

Writing expert law-related material and having it published on the most popular legal blogs is another great way to prove you’re an expert, which will impress prospective clients. You can easily research the many legal blogs currently available and contact them about providing guest posts, and the material you provide will help you as well as the blog owner.

News interviews

Seek out news sources that will conduct interviews with you discussing issues related to your law specialty. Not only will this show how professional and knowledgeable you are, but it will bring more exposure to your specific law firm. Clients will be more likely to retain your services after seeing your interviews.

Social media posts

Again, social media is absolutely necessary when trying to market your business. Regular posts on social media can provide your target audience with useful information that will teach them while simultaneously convincing them to retain your law office for services.

Podcast guest appearances

This is another very effective way of proving to prospective clients that you’re an expert in your field and you’re worthy of being retained to provide legal services to clients. You can easily locate worthy podcasts by searching online.

6. Promote yourself through a professional business website


Just like social media, having a business website is essential if you expect to successfully increase business for your firm. 

People use the internet to research everything. Those seeking law services will often conduct an online search before making any phone calls. 

Having a professionally designed website with expert content marketing can help dramatically with building your business. If you’re not experienced in attorney website design, that is fine, as there are many companies that are. 

It is important to choose a small law firm website design expert with experience with lawyer website design, and specifically, small law firm website design is even better. This will increase your chances of experiencing success on your website. 

Through content and SEO marketing, you can directly target your clientele. Make sure to create content that is relevant and that targets local, long-tail keywords. So, instead of having to seek out prospective clients, SEO marketing seeks out the clientele for you, bringing them right to your website. Using the right keywords is important when utilizing SEO marketing, as the keywords must be specific in order to be effective. 

7. Utilize Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay Per Click (PPC) to flood your website with traffic


PPC, or pay per click, is another viable marketing strategy that can reward you with a dramatic increase in clients. 

PPC can sometimes become quite expensive, so it’s a strategy that you might want to use in the future, once you’ve increased your clientele through other, less expensive strategies. 

Pay-Per-Click can effectively drive more traffic to your law firm website, and it works by requiring you to pay each time someone clicks on one of your internet ads. 

Of course, not everyone who clicks your ads will become a paying customer, but it certainly increases your chances of receiving more customers interested in retaining the services of your law firm. The more traffic your website receives, the better the odds are that paying clients will contact you for representation.

Network and relationship building

The most effective form of marketing occurs from word-of-mouth through personal interactions. If you performed well for your clients, then they are likely to refer your services to others. When people receive good (or bad) service, they talk. 

You can also request that your current (or former) clients leave reviews on both Google and any other lawyer review website that you might be aware of. Since people use the internet to look for services, they’re likely to see your positive lawyer reviews. This will increase the chances that new clients will contact you and retain your services.

If you’re a small law firm that needs help getting more clients, we can help. 

Law Firm Sites help firms of all sizes increase their business. We can develop an effective small law firm marketing plan.

Our team has many years of experience developing small law firm marketing strategies that dramatically boost business. We have a proven track record for providing expert assistance to small law firms.

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