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SEO Tips: YouTube Videos

April, 28 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Did you know that YouTube is the second most trafficked search engine in the world, next to Google? 

Unfortunately, getting found on YouTube is no longer as simple as just uploading a few videos. With so many content creators immortalizing their thoughts in video form, you’ve got to get a better edge with some preliminary research and other best practices. 

Do your research

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One of the first things you can do is check out Google Trends to see what specific subtopics internet users are searching for, and where those users are located. Perhaps internet searchers in Tennessee are curious about eviction law, and web browsers in California want to know about DUI charges. See what’s trending in your geographical region, and perhaps build some content around that topic accordingly. 

Don’t pass up on going right to YouTube and searching around for topics relating to your law firm. Is anyone else creating video content on there? Watch the popular videos and take note of what those law firms are doing. Take a look at how they have worded the description of their video, because that will give you some keyword snippets to use that might also boost your own YouTube rankings.

Make it Engaging

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YouTube favors videos over 10 minutes, and in fact, makes it easier for them to rank. For instance, even if all your viewers watched a 5-minute video from start to finish, it would still rank lower than a 10-minute video that only 60% of viewers watched all the way through (these numbers are not exact, but illustrate the point). The reason is simple: YouTube wants to keep viewers on the platform, and there is a greater likelihood they will watch another video as their time on the site increases. You can leverage this information to your advantage and create content accordingly. 

It can also help to create a playlist. YouTube rewards videos that are attached to a playlist because (once again) they keep viewers engaged and staying on the site. Once you have enough content to create a playlist of your own material, you can create themed compilations (like a series of videos on one particular topic). But until then, you might consider building a playlist with a mix and match of your videos and any related material, such as news reports relating to your topic—you’ll just have to assess whether or not it’s safe to include videos from other lawyers who are competing for attention.

Another often overlooked component of YouTube success is how you word your title. You want to make them attention-grabbing because casual browsers will be more likely to get excited about the topic and click over to your video.

Issue a CTA

You must issue a CTA (call to action) at the end of your video such as suggesting a phone call, and especially for the viewer to subscribe to your channel. YouTube will let you upload cards at the end of a video (or throughout) that can be clicked on, which of course can lead people to your legal websites, to subscribe to your channel, or to watch another video. Don’t pass up this crucial chance to keep your viewers engaged! You can also offer transcripts of the video, or a link to something enticing like a free ebook on the topic. Remember that YouTube is a great way to boost the SEO of your law firm websites.

If you have any more questions about how you can utilize YouTube to boost your SEO and social media strategy, on your lawyer website, ask the trusted law firm video marketing firm at Law Firm Sites. 

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