PPC: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Law Firm

11 Oct, 2019

pay per clickAn effective marketing tool that is becoming increasingly more popular and effective is “pay per click” or PPC. When law firms utilize PPC marketing, they can increase traffic to their website, while incurring minimal expense. This will increase your law firms exposure and potentially increase your prospective client pool.

What is PPC?
On different websites that you have visited, you may have noticed various ads that appear on the website. When you click on these ads, you are redirected to a website related to the ad. PPC is the process in which websites receive payment when a visitor clicks on an ad.

PPC is an effective marketing option because the ads are often going to be related to the website the person is visiting. For example, if a person is visiting a website about family law issues, then there may be an ad on the website to advertise a family law firm. If the visitor to the website clicks on the ad, then the owner of the initial website is compensated.

What is the benefit of PPC for law firms?
Because search engine results often include a variety of different law firm websites, it makes it difficult for potential clients to sort through all of the options to find a firm. Through PPC advertisements, your law firm will be highlighted on relevant websites, which will increase the chance of the person visiting your site. This will give your firm an advantage over other law firm websites, as it will be an additional way to attract new clients.

How can Law Firm Sites help?
Law Firm Sites can help you utilize PPC options and will develop ways to best market your firm. We are experienced with website design for law firms and can provide advice for your firm. If you need assistance with website design for law firms, then contact us to learn how we can help.

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