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SEO Suggestions: Bar Associations and Lawyer Directories

November, 30 2020
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Jo Stephens

In a previous blog, we provided information about the importance of linking to .EDU websites, such as your alma mater. 

For this SEO suggestion, we are sharing how .ORG websites and directories, specifically associations websites and lawyer directories, are beneficial for your law firm site’s SEO. Linking to these sites will improve your legitimacy and professionalism when Google looks through your backlinks and when online users are searching for legal services.

Why .ORG/Directory Sites?

There are multiple benefits .ORG and directory linking provide:

  • It gives clients confidence to choose you as an attorney
  • It shows trust and expertise
  • It elevates your business
  • It provides white hat linking and backlinking
  • Lawyer directories are readily found on the top 5 pages of a Google search

How do I do it?

You may be wondering how to get a .ORG or directory website to link back to your website, and there are multiple ways to do this:

  • Link on their website to your website from a profile page
  • Get on one of their recommendation lists
  • Get listed on a “Top Attorney” article or list
  • Get a badge to display and link on your website

These directories are often a place that your clients can come to leave reviews as well, and as you respond to those reviews, you can build your credibility even more.

What .ORG/Directory sites are available to me?

Below is a list of bar association and lawyer directories that are on the national level (they show up high on Google searches). In addition to the list below, you may want to reach out to your state and city associations for even more linking opportunities:

National Lawyer Directories:

National Bar Associations:

After you’ve reached out to these associations and directories, you may receive codes, badges, and/or permission to add a badge or link on your law firm website. You can determine where you want these badges/links added, and let your trusted law firm website design company at Law Firm Sites add those features for you. 

Do you want to see your site with a new look?