Top 5 Review Sites

November 27, 2017

Clients use certain sites to find and rate their lawyers. You need to understand what these top sites are so you can leverage them for your benefit for lawyer advertising. That way, you’ll never worry about having a bad reputation and you can enjoy the top ranking:


This website is the top ranking site in the legal industry. You can become a part of the family by signing up and creating a profile. It lets you have your hours, number, and website information listed. To rank highly here, you need to have a good reputation in your local market and strong SEO.


Findlaw is up there with in terms of the ability to be found and the clients you could gain. Make sure you have perfect reviews by serving your clients to build a steady ranking for this search engine.


Better Business Bureau is the gold standard for ranking the reputation for businesses. Many clients will look on here before even considering hiring someone. Make sure you are in good standing and remove any complaints by responding to them.


Avvo is a newer site ranking legal services. It uses similar engines as Don’t ignore it just because it’s new. It’s still one of the best to be on.

5. uses a weighted distribution system of reviews to rank your legal site. Make sure you have as many reviews as possible or you could get lost in the crowd.

Law Firm Sites, at reviews, is a legal web design company. They can help you design your site in such a way that it ranks higher in all of the attorney review sites. It can also help you get on the award winning legal websites or stay up to date with lawyer SEO marketing news.

They do this through the use of quality content. In addition, Law Firm Sites gets authority back links which boosts your organic search results. That way, you’re on top of all the competition and you will show up when clients are searching for legal services.
The online world is too profitable to settle for second best. Be the number one legal site in your industry. That way your law firm can enjoy the best clients and opportunities that exist.