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Law Firm Sites Staff
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Mission Statement

The success of our company is directly connected to the success of our clients. Our clients many times will not have a full technical understanding of websites and search engine optimization but they should always be informed, understand the direction of the project and feel they can ask questions on any level of understanding. Our mission is to give clients more than they paid for and always meet agreed upon deadlines for development and results.

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    My Story



  • Law Firm Sites Story

    Getting Started

    I entered a business plan competition while in college in Hawaii. Part of that competition was to do research on different niche markets. I was attracted like gravity to the legal industry. To further explore my interest I did some test market campaigns. And, turns out, really got along great with the attorneys I spoke with.

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    Grow and Thrive

    I lost the competition and didn’t even place. Some stupid laundromat won the competition. I later found out that the judges of the competition were potential competitors of mine and they were nervous about another player in the marketplace. Their business is no longer open.Hawaii is where the business was started. In my in-law’s garage. I took one website design class and quit school because at the end of the class I was building designs better than the teacher. It felt like a waste to be in school learning about website design and marketing when I could be in the field testing and perfecting my skills with real clients.

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    Design and Market

    My first two clients were Robert Nakasawa from Hawaii and Steve North from New York. They knew I was brand-new but they still took a chance on me. It was a wonderful learning experience. I freaked out when I saw that Robert was advertising on TV and my website was being shown to…well it wasn’t that many people but it was still pretty cool for me.

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    Perfectly Positioned

    This industry is the best in the world because of the high caliber people who are in it. I have NEVER been taken advantage of by a lawyer. Ever. It is the most professional and straightforward group of people on the planet. We branched out and focused on general business but quickly found the client’s weren’t half as good as lawyers so we ditched that business to stick with Law Firm Sites.

    My wife always tells me “Go with what you know. You know law. Stick with it.” And it has been great advice to guide us over these last 15 years.