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December, 08 2021
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Ben Johnson
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It’s no secret that most people turn to search engines when they need legal advice. You want to ensure that your law firm is poised for success and that it shows up top-rated in search results. Law firm website designers understand the importance of a powerful homepage to engage new visitors, help them navigate the site, and convert them into actionable clients.

This brief article reviews some of the most important components of a well-designed and eloquently written homepage. Effective lawyer website design will enhance search engine optimization (SEO), help to ensure best practices, drive more leads, and improve the visitor’s experience. 

Let’s dive deeper into crucial homepage elements, including:

Call to Action (CTA) buttons

call to action

The best attorney website design will include clearly defined calls to action on every page of the site, including the homepage. If your site lacks clear CTAs, your visitors will not be sure about which actions to take – i.e. filling out a contact form, signing up for an email newsletter, calling your office, etc. Many law firms include a CTA for a Free Phone Consultation to encourage new clients to communicate their needs.

Links to pages for different areas of practice

practice area pages

If your firm specializes in more than one area of law, you should dedicate a separate website page for each specialty. This will allow you to expand the information you can offer for each area of practice, which will enhance SEO and help to establish you as the go-to expert in this field.

Attorney biographies

attorney biographies

Your attorney web designer should advise you to include a short bio for each lawyer in your firm. Be sure to list any notable badges, awards, or association memberships, as well as any publications in your name. Also, include a professional picture of your attorneys. Headshots are best. Keep your bio up-to-date and change it once in a while to show off your personality!



Videos are very effective for both enhancing SEO and showcasing your expertise. People love watching videos and getting to know the attorney they are considering. Take a few minutes here and there to make short educational videos, or at least write down some fresh information several times weekly for your visitors to learn from and enjoy in a blog post.



People use search engines to find attorneys more than ever. They also read reviews from previous clients and use the information they obtain to decide whether to retain your services – or not. Ask your favorite clients to take a minute or two to leave honest reviews about your services on Google, Yelp, or another trusted review platform. Positive testimonials matter – and they can quickly turn prospects into paying clients.

Links to social media pages

social media

Your clients love social media! So use it to entice, educate, befriend, and convert them. The best attorney web design will have links to your firm’s social media pages presented. They should be noticeable without being overbearing. Consider including links to major platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Link to the contact page

link to contact page

Let prospective and existing clients know how to stay in touch with your firm. Include your phone number, fax number, email address, mailing address, and a contact form on your Contact page. Make it simple for them to reach out to you whenever they need legal advice.

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