Swiping Left or Right? How are Potential Clients Reacting to Your Lawyer Bio?

August 31, 2018
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The world is full of lawyers who get passed over by their perfect clients due to their law firm website design. Law Firm Sites act as the “dating profile” of your firm. When your clients are searching for representation, they are wading through countless law SEO options looking for someone speaking to their need. The goal of SEO for lawyers is to speak to those potential clients and explain how you can help them.

By following a few brief rules of thumb, you ensure that your profile communicates your unique excellence so your perfect clients will “swipe right”.

Define Your Mission

Most designers focus on a list of services, but this isn’t what makes your clients excited about working with you. Explain what you do in layman’s terms.
For example, “I fight auto insurance companies to get what clients deserve.”

Define Your Perfect Client

Most law firm website designers miss this step even though it helps create law firm website designs that further hone your “profile” by knowing who is seeing your message.
For example, insured auto owners who have recently been injured in an accident.

Put your message in front of those Clients through Law SEO

This is where industry experts in SEO for lawyers make the difference. Now that you have the perfect “profile” with the perfect message, your law firm web designers can make sure your message gets in front of your perfect match when they need help.

Now, when your [perfect client] searches for [your service] they see a “profile” that speaks directly to them and communicates how you perfectly fix their [need].

This is a guaranteed swipe right!

Many law firm web designers are artists who are able to create visually appealing law firm website designs. Our experts specialize in SEO for Lawyers and focuse on the law SEO necessary to get your message in front of your perfect clients.

Having a blend of law firm website design and law SEO ensures every phone call is a new perfect match for your firm.