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Law Firm About Us Pages: 9 Tips for Success

September, 15 2021
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Often, law firm sites can seem stiff or stuffy, which can be a turnoff for clients browsing through your site. Adding an “About Us” page can help lighten any law firm web design and make your firm seem more approachable.

By following a few brief rules of thumb, you ensure that your profile communicates your unique excellence.

Tips to Write a Great About Us Attorney Page

Law Firm About Us Page Tips

1. Make it a story

Even if your firm’s founding wasn’t an exciting adventure, you can still tell a story that makes you more relatable. You can include heartfelt testimonials and small details that make your firm seem human and approachable.

2. Include Contact Details

Make sure clients can learn how to stop by or contact you directly from the page. If you have a social media presence, you should include links to any social handles as well.

3. Write Conversationally

Many law firm sites insist on using complex jargon and formal language, and this isn’t always necessary, especially if you want to appeal to potential clients. Use “I” or “we” instead of writing about your firm in the third person.

4. Keep it Simple

An attorney web site doesn’t need to be flashy or overly technical. You’re providing a serious service, so adding extra frills and high-tech features isn’t representative of your firm. Stay relevant, but don’t overdo it.

5. Stand out with Facts

There are most likely dozens of firms that offer similar services, so you need to make yours memorable. Don’t be afraid to list credentials, your firm’s evolution, and any uniquely qualifying information that will make you stand out from the competition.

6. Connect

Dedicate the opening or section of your page to your audience. Let them know that you understand their challenges and want to help them meet their goals.

7. Define Your Mission

Most lawyers focus on a direct list of services, but this might not be what makes your clients excited about working with you. Explain what you do in layman’s terms.

For example, you could say, “I fight auto insurance companies to get what clients deserve.”

8. Define Your Perfect Client

Many designers miss this step even, though it helps create law firm website designs that further hone your “profile” by knowing who is seeing your message.

For example, your perfect client could be “insured auto owners who have recently been injured in an accident.”

9. Put Your Message In front of those Clients 

This is where industry experts in SEO for lawyers make the difference. Now that you have the perfect “profile” with the perfect message, your law firm web designers can make sure your message gets in front of your perfect match when they need help.

Design Tips For About Us Pages

about us page

In addition to having great content on your about us page, you should also keep the design in mind. Here are some things to be aware of.

Include Eye-Catching Visuals

After about 200 words of plain text, customers get bored. Keep readers engaged by adding photos, short video clips, fun infographics, and relevant timelines.

Have Short Paragraphs

Similar to the tip above, breaking up long paragraphs will make it easier for clients to skim through the information about you and will make it more pleasing to the eye.

Show Your Team

Perhaps the most important design tip is to include pictures of you and your team. Showing the real people behind the firm can really bring your lawyer site to the next level.

Law Firm About Us Page Examples

Here are some of our favorite about us pages that we’ve designed for our clients.

Strazzullo Law & Associates

strazzullo about us

The Smith Law Group

The Smith Law Group About us

Pellis Law Group, LLP

Pellis Law About Us

Alta Legal

alta legal about us

Fuller Law Group LLC

fuller law group

How we can help

Writing a fantastic “About Us” page doesn’t have to be a painful or long process. Follow these tips and your law firm website design from Law Firm Sites will be sure to stand out from the competition.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?