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SEO Tips: Website Videos

May, 28 2021
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Lights, camera, action—and clients! Did you know that adding video content to your law firm website will boost its SEO?

Why Should You Use Video Content for SEO?

While Google is discreet about the secret formula they use for generating search results, studies have shown that web pages with video content tend to rank higher than those without. Additionally, browsers encountering a page with video content are likely to stay on the page longer. Time spent on a web page is likely another metric that Google uses to rank content, so it bodes well for your lawyer website SEO if visitors linger on a page to watch a video.

Video content is also great for generating backlinks. Backlinks are links to your legal websites dispersed around the internet, both on other websites and social media platforms. If your video content is well-produced and informative, there is a good chance that many viewers will share the content with others by posting a link on their Facebook or LinkedIn page, or even putting a link to your video in their blog.

How To Make Great Video Content

So how exactly do you go about making this great video content? Thankfully today you don’t need any expensive equipment. Most smartphone cameras will do. It may be helpful to get a light tripod with some LED lighting, and a piece of hardware that usually costs less than $30. You can brainstorm some content to discuss with a little help from your clients. Send out an email or put a social media post out there asking what topic people want to hear about in your next video.

It’s up to you how long your video should be. However, if you are using YouTube to upload and share your video, passing that 10-minute mark will actually boost its performance on the YouTube search engine (this is because YouTube has seen that videos over ten minutes actually keep people on YouTube longer). You can also drop links in your video (by mentioning them verbally, for instance) and encourage visitors to watch other videos on the site. Just remember that if you embed clickable links at the end of the video, those clicks will take visitors to YouTube.

Remember to keep your video informative, but also relatable and engaging. It might not hurt to throw something fun in there, like a little law trivia and a deadline to let viewers post answers on social media and win a prize. There are a number of lawyers in different areas of legal practice who are already making video content, so if you need ideas, check out some of the stuff they are doing. You will see yourself what’s engaging and informative, and what is not.

It’s also a good idea to offer viewers a transcript of your video so that your website is ADA compliant.

The SEO Team at Law Firm Sites can Help

The law firm video marketing team over here at Law Firm Sites can help you brainstorm some video content and assist you with integrating video into your law firm website. We can also help with leveraging that video content to boost your lawyer SEO marketing, along with providing some guidance around how to craft informative and engaging video content.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?