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10 Facebook & Twitter Tips For Attorneys

November, 27 2017
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1) Provide Solid Information To Clients

It is difficult to provide to much information to potential clients via Facebook or Twitter. That is better left to a legal website that you control. However, you ought to be able to provide those clients with something that they can gain insight from. Otherwise, you just become too vague to be useful.

2) Engage With Page Visitors/Followers

The purpose of social media is not just to amass followers and friends but actually to interact with those people. The same holds true for lawyers advertising for social media. They must use this opportunity to reach out to those viewers.

3) Check Out Your Goals And See How You Measure Up

It is not enough to simply put some law marketing out there on social media and hope for the best. Instead, lawyers need to measure their results against what they had hoped to gain by putting up their page in the first place. It is easy to do with all of the metrics that social media websites now provide.

4) Provide Information Not Found Elsewhere

It might be helpful to provide your address and other contact information, but that should not be the end of the social media experience. You need to share things on there that clients would not found on law firm sites that you operate.

5) Participate In Hashtags

It may seem silly for law firm sites to participate in a social commentary like a hashtag, but on social media you are more than welcome to join in the conversation.

6) Report On Local Happenings In The Area

Is there a new law or other interesting happening going on in your area? If so, feel free to post some information about it. You should avoid being overtly political in your post, but just try to spread some information.

7) Offer Giveaways

A lot of marketing comes down to giving away free things with your logo on it. Consider doing this on social media.

8) Never Offer Direct Legal Advice

It is a terrible idea to try to offer legal advice via social media. It is not the place for it, and it is not a good idea to even attempt this if you are not retained as someone’s lawyer already.

9) Buy Some Advertising

Marketing yourself is great, but buying ad space on social media websites may help you reach a broader target audience.

10) Be Yourself

Let loose a little bit and show people another side of you. Keep it professional of course, but don’t be afraid to allow yourself to be expressive.

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