10 LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers

December 04, 2017

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer plenty of promotional tools that can help improve a lawyer’s chances of success with their marketing efforts, but these platforms focus on friend and “fan” connections. LinkedIn is the best place to perform marketing for lawyers because its environment is designed to focus on professional connections. To create a high-quality expert presence:

1. Craft an Attractive Vanity URL

Your URL should always advertise your specialty in a memorable way. For example, if your firm primarily handles personal injury cases, you might combine “personal injury” and your business name in the URL.

2. Create an Interesting Profile Headline

The Headline is like a meta tag description. Since your Summary outlines your services, use the Headline as an advertisement with a catchy call-to-action statement or slogan.

3. Add a Current Professional Photo

Never give into the temptation to upload a candid or old image as your profile photo. Instead, use an honest, impressive current photo taken by a professional photographer.

4. Show Pride in Your Accomplishments

Definitely show with text and physical proof like images of news clippings and plaques that you’re pleased about cases or awards that you won. Expressing yourself in these ways makes you more personable and approachable.

5. Join Several Appropriate Industry Groups

The point of a social network is to connect. Use LinkedIn to network with other legal professionals to pick up news, referrals and leads. Join at least six groups and then review them daily or subscribe to at least weekly update notification emails.

6. Share Knowledge Often With Others

Establish yourself as expert and a person who cares about the law by sharing articles and blog or other posts that you like or your own published content. To prevent accidental disclosure of privileged details, never do an on-the-spot Q&A sessions.

7. Seek Out and Make Recommendations

Prove to profile visitors that you deserve any accolades that you have received by seeking out performance and skill reviews from people who know you. To show that you appreciate reviews and respect certain colleagues, provide recommendations to those you know as well.

8. Take Care With Your Connections

Many social media platforms ask you to sync your entire address book to help you find connections faster. If you choose this option, always make certain that you don’t accidentally reveal your client list.

9. Use Extra Caution When Commenting

Discussions can help you build a positive reputation. Then again, your comments could accidentally reveal privileged information or create a public record of your thoughts on a matter that clashes with the stance of a client or your firm.

10. Invest in Lawyer Marketing Services

Content that’s written poorly or fails to utilize solid SEO strategies on your LinkedIn profile or website can cause you to miss out on opportunities to build your brand and expert status, increase traffic and gain new connections and leads. Invest in a lawyer advertising, web design, marketing and SEO company like Law Firm Sites to make certain that you’re doing everything possible to come out on top.

You can turn your LinkedIn profile into a productive part of your law firm marketing strategy. For more information or to schedule consultation, contact the experts at Law Firm Sites today.