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Reviews vs. Testimonials: How They Benefit Your Site

November, 06 2017
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Jo Stephens
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If you have a law firm, then you can benefit from testimonials and reviews. They are crucial to your success. If you fail to include them in your marketing, you will miss golden opportunities to convince new clients to go with your firm. So avoid pitfalls and instead embrace the power of them:

How to Get Testimonials and Reviews

Nearly everyone understands that it’s a good idea to have more clients saying how great your services are. However, you might be wondering how to get the reviews and testimonials in the first place. Don’t worry, there are several strategies that you can use to get those coveted words placed prominently on your site.

Firstly, you can offer clients discounts on your services while you’re in your office consulting them. Tell them that you will never cut corners on your service or legal research, but one of the ways you have been able to be so successful is through your testimonials from previous clients.

If they agree, you’re off to the races. Additionally, you can wait until after you have rendered the services. This is more risky, but you might get more honest reviews this way.

Benefit of Having Testimonials and Reviews on Your Site

Reviews and testimonials add proof of concept to your claims. Namely, they insert social proof. And this is one of the most effective persuasion effects you can have in your attorney online marketing.

Which is Better?

It’s hard to say which is better for attorney sites: testimonials or reviews. Ideally, you will have a blend of both. Reviews might be more in depth, while testimonials seem more human and you can show pictures with real clients.

Law Firm Sites can help you with lawyer web design service. They’ll garner testimonials and reviews. Then, they’ll use their knowledge to place them in the most effective manner for the most results.

When it comes to testimonials and reviews for attorney sites, you can’t go wrong by including them. They show your potential clients how professional you are. They also boost your credibility and the prices you can charge. So don’t hesitate to have professionals like Law Firm Sites help you with your marketing in this way. You’ll avoid missing revenue opportunities and can relax while your bottom line receives a boost.

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