How Photos Affect My Site

June 20, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Clients may not understand the type of law you specialize in. Law websites often use jargon that the public does not always understand. Domestic law, for example, may sound complicated or confusing. However, people can very easily understand to the unpleasant issues that arise in domestic law that may require an attorney’s assistance. Divorce, separation and child custody matters and financial issues that may accompany these decisions can all be relevant to clients. Photographs can easily express the negative emotions experienced by those who are contemplating divorce or separation. The financial stress that comes with these life changes can also be expressed through photographs. Assuring clients that they are not alone in facing these common challenges will go a long way.

Pictures Enhance Appeal

Clients often seek the assistance of an attorney during stressful times in their lives. The process of making significant changes in their lives can be stressful and the process can be overwhelming. Clients may feel discouraged when they learn of different aspects of their situation. Such as the possibility they may not be able to keep full custody of their children or learning the process of splitting assets. Photographs on a website can help break this information up into more manageable pieces. This gives the reader a mental break between large segments of information as well as information that is unpleasant. Photographs on a law firm website make it more pleasant to visit, adding credibility to the firm’s reputation for excellence.

Pictures Show an Outcome

During a legal case, whether it’s the process of becoming a United States citizen, appealing a criminal verdict that the client feels is unjust, or finalizing a bankruptcy proceeding, photographs on a lawyer website can show clients a realistic idea of what to expect along the way. Consider adding a photograph of your attorneys and the courthouse if clients can expect to spend time in court hearings.