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Criminal Lawyer Website Design and Marketing Tips

November, 19 2021
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Jo Stephens
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For individuals facing criminal charges, finding expert legal help is highly important. 

Unlike people using other legal services, these individuals usually will not turn to friends and family for recommendations. Instead, they’re much more likely to rely on Google to help them find a criminal lawyer website. 

Since these individuals often need a criminal defense lawyer immediately, your website needs to provide all necessary information quickly. With so much competition for criminal defense lawyers out there, your website needs to stand out.

The following information can help you design and market yours.

Criminal Lawyer Website Design Elements

Jeffrey Kent Website

These are the basic elements your criminal lawyer website needs, along with tips on how to optimize these.


If your law firm has an established brand identity, your website should match it. A consistent brand helps build trust and recognition while also making your firm more memorable.


The color scheme you use for your website should reflect the kind of tone you’re aiming for based on the psychology of colors. For example, blue colors help promote a calm, trusting feeling, while red colors create a powerful, aggressive tone.

Quick Descriptions

When users visit your homepage, they should be able to tell exactly what you do and what you offer within a few moments. Otherwise, they might go elsewhere to find a criminal defense lawyer. Your homepage should have specific descriptions and calls to action, as well as eye-catching and relevant images.

Practice Area Pages

Practice area pages are an important element for criminal lawyer websites. These pages should have detailed descriptions of your practice areas, such as DWI or property crimes. This helps users see if your practice includes the specific area they need help with.

About Us Page

Your website’s “about us” page should provide information on your education and expertise. You should also show your face with a photo of yourself on this page.

Easy Navigation with Clear Contact Form

Your website should be simple to navigate and provide simple ways for users to contact your firm. Set up multiple contact forms, and include your phone number on each page. Your website should also have a separate contact page.

Criminal Lawyer Marketing Tips


Having a high-quality criminal lawyer website isn’t enough. You also need to know how to market it effectively, so that users can easily find you. Keep the following tips in mind for marketing your website.

Have a Relevant Blog

Maintaining a blog on your website provides opportunities to show your expertise and what you can offer clients. A blog also gives you a way to include keywords that can help bring your rankings up on search engines.

Focus on Local SEO

Local SEO gives you a better chance of attracting clients in your area. You can focus on local SEO by signing up for Google My Business and being listed in local directories. Targeting local keywords for criminal defense lawyers in your area can also help.

If you are planning to redesign and market your website, please contact Law Firm Sites. Our team can help you create a high-quality criminal lawyer website.

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