What Are The Best Colors For A Legal Website?

August 02, 2019
color for website

Did you ever notice many law firm websites are blue and light gray? When people see blue, they subconsciously associated the color with trust and intelligence. Insurance companies and banks also use blue; much of the Internet is blue because trust is important for many types of businesses.

Color Schemes

Law Firm Sites Inc will suggest a primary color for your header and footer, an accent color for your menu and other elements and bright color for calls-to-action. CTA buttons should be bold colors which stand out. Nearly all websites for law firms have a white or light gray background and a dark font for readability and good contrast.

Match Colors to Your Target Audience

Websites for law firms should have a professional-looking color scheme to attract their target client. A law firm website design company will talk to you about the type of law you practice and who are your potential clients before suggesting a color scheme. A web designer may suggest forest green as a primary color for an environmental attorney or red as an accent color for a criminal attorney’s website since people associate red with strength.

First Impressions

A website is the first thing a potential client sees when looking for a lawyer; it should make the right impression. Law is a competitive field; you have less than one second to capture a visitor’s attention and color is the first thing people see. Visitors will have an idea of what to expect from a law form’s website; avoid crazy color schemes which don’t accurately reflect your firm.

Hire a Professional Web Designer

Law Firm Sites specializes in law firm website design. You’ll have a website which appeals to the people you want as clients. The right color scheme is vital, so choose a web design firm which understands your website is a marketing tool to get potential clients to contact your law office. Talk to our professional website design team today to begin your project.