What Are The Best Colors For A Legal Website?

August 23, 2021
color scheme

When designing a website, it’s crucial to know which colors to use (and which colors not to use). You cannot simply pick a color for your attorney web design without any thought. 

Colors not only change how your website looks, but they also are the basis for your brand identity as a business. 

Naturally, you want the legal colors on your site to present a professional feel. Law is a competitive field; you have less than one second to capture a visitor’s attention, and color is the first thing people see.

Here are some things to consider when choosing colors for your website.

Psychology of Color

You might already be familiar with the basic psychology of colors, but here’s some of the theory in a nutshell.

Colors have the ability to change one’s mood on a much deeper, psychological level. 

vibrant colors

In general, extremely vibrant colors (like above) should be avoided on an attorney website design, as they might convey feelings of anger and anxiety–two things no one wants to be associated with his or her law firm. Calmer colors are often the preferred choice in law firm website design. 

That’s not to say your colors should be dull.

While neutrals are more associated with conservatism, you probably shouldn’t go for all neutral. As a rule of thumb, it is always good to bear in mind who your customer base consists of and go from there.

For example, a law firm that specializes in animal or pet owner’s defense may opt for a happy, cheery website that makes distraught pet parents feel more comfortable (see below).

happy colors

For more conservative corporate law firms, it may be advisable to play more into the neutral tones (black, white, or beige) and pair it with a deep burgundy, violet, or blue (see below).

corporate colors

 It really depends on what you want the prospective client to feel when they enter your web presence.

Here’s some psychology from common colors:

If you want an in-depth guide to color psychology, here’s a really helpful video:

Here’s some of that color theory in a nutshell.



Blue is a very popular choice in lawyer website design, and with good reason. Both men and women commonly cite blue as their favorite color, and it’s one that even many colorblind people can recognize. Blue also creates feelings of trust, power, confidence, and success. Potential clients want a lawyer they feel they can trust and have faith in, and blue conveys this feeling well.



A color of passion and action, red is commonly incorporated into web design for law firms. Red conveys a sense of urgency and speed, making it an excellent choice for links that encourage site visitors to contact your law firm for help. Red encourages clients to contact you without delay and conveys the message that you’ll handle their cases with urgency and prompt attention.

yellow and orange

Yellow and Orange

The colors orange and yellow both tend to convey optimism and warmth. These welcoming tones are useful when you want to calm clients, assuring them that they need not worry about their case because you’ll carry their burden for them.

black and gray

Black and Gray

Gray is a background color often chosen by Law Firm Sites’ clients. It is clean and calming and meshes well with most other colors. Black appears commonly on sites, as well, since darker colors grab attention before lighter ones. Black is often used in headings and titles for this reason, and lack can also create a sense of elegance and quality but can seem morbid and dark if overused.

Color Combinations

In addition to considering the psychology of your law firm color palette, you’ll also want to take into account how colors look together.

Make sure you present your text in a way that’s easy to read (for user-friendliness and for ADA-Compliance). Colors that are too similar in color or value will make it difficult to read.  

Knowing what colors for lawyers work well together takes years of practice, study, and expertise. The easiest and best way to ensure your website has a great law color palette is to hire professional law firm website designers who know color theory and have an eye for great design.

Clearly, law firms shouldn’t choose the colors used on their website haphazardly. While the law office colors you choose do need to complement each other and look good together, they can also help you send the desired message to your site’s visitors. Choose your colors carefully to make sure they support your brand and message.

Are you curious how your website would look designed by a professional attorney web designer? We offer free custom designs.

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