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12 Best Color Palettes for an Attorney Web Design

November, 05 2021
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Jo Stephens
color palette blue

Selecting colors for your brand and your website is one of the most fun (and most difficult) processes of website design

When choosing law firm color palettes, you need to consider the psychology of color, color combinations, and ADA-compliant color schemes

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to legal color palettes–the possibilities are endless. 

Our professional designers have selected and worked with lawyer color palettes for thousands of websites. 

Here are some color palette ideas you can use for your brand. 

Cahill & Perry

law firm color palette blue

Using a blue color scheme is a classic choice for attorneys. This railroad injury firm shows calm and trust through this cool-colored palette, when you consider color theory.

Cahill & Perry

Brekke, Clyborne & Ribich

law color palette red

A red color palette is another common choice for attorneys. These reds give a sense of tradition, power, and professionalism.


Rella & Associates

lawyer color palette green

Greens and yellows are more of a unique choice for an attorney web design. However, when done right, it can give a sense of growth, peace, and renewal.

Rella & Associates

Dobberstein Law Group

law firm color palette blue

The cool-toned blues and the warm-toned yellows give great contrast colors to this law firm website design. These colors complement the natural colors of Las Vegas well.


Manzoor Law Firm 

law color palette

Using the same blues and yellows of Dobberstein, this lawyer website design takes a more muted approach. The soft color palette promotes calm and peace.

Manzoor Law

Tierney Law Group

legal color palette neutral

This attorney website design has a bit of a unique color palette. The neutral beige gives off a natural and organic feeling, while the black and white provide a pop of high contrast that catches a user’s attention.


Ashton E. Thomas

lawyer color palette blue

This color scheme also provides a great contrast that is memorable and stands out. Teal colors give off a sense of both calm and renewal, which works well for a firm that focuses on personal injury, employment, and traffic law.

ashton thomas

McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel

legal color palette

Cool-toned colors are often described as calming and even nurturing. This firm focuses on being a law firm for life, so this cool-toned color palette works well for their mission and goals.


Freeman & Chiartas

law firm color palette red

Reds and golds give off a sense of power, strength, and traditionalism. This firm has extensive experience with personal injury and employment cases, and they have experience with “aggressively taking cases to trial.”

Freeman & Chiartas

Hutchings & Schwappach

law firm colors

Most of the colors on this website are black and white and gray, but the bright pop of orange color creates interest and emphasizes the most important info on the page (such as the call-to-action buttons).


Neal-Lopez Law Group

lawyer color palette

You don’t often see purple colors in attorney web designs, but this color palette works well. The soft lavender color gives a similar feeling that a soft blue would: calm, trust, and peace.

neal lopez

Coates Law Office

lawyer colors

Blues and greens are a common choice for lawyer website designs, however, the slightly muted green against the vibrant blue creates a color pairing that’s unique and new, while still keeping that sense of tradition.



There are many options when it comes to choosing a color palette for your law firm website–just make sure they convey the emotions and the look you would want that’s consistent with your brand.

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