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Meet Our New SEO Report (Hint: It’s Beautiful)

September, 13 2021
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Jo Stephens
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We have recently redesigned and reprogrammed one of the key features that we offer to our SEO clients: a new monthly report.

When you sign up for SEO marketing for attorneys services at Law Firm Sites, a designated SEO Manager is responsible for your site, which includes posting and writing blogs, posting on social media, and making sure everything is working properly on your site–all to get the best results possible. 

Once a month, your designated attorney SEO Manager will send you a report of the results from the previous period (usually each month). Here are the features of this new report. 

Elements to the SEO Report



At the top of the SEO report is where you’ll see a graph of the sessions from the previous period. Sessions are individual visits to your website from users, users that come through a variety of sources like search engines and social media. It’s completely normal to see lots of variation, as sessions can vary especially on the weekends. The graph will give you a general idea of your growth in traffic from the previous period.

New Users

new users

This number will show the number of new users that visited your website throughout the previous period. These new visitors will tell you how many new potential clients are seeing your website, as opposed to returning visitors (such as current clients). This number doesn’t indicate each unique session, only each unique visitor. 

Lower on the SEO report, you’ll find a graph that shows the percentage of new users vs. returning visitors.

Page Views

page views

Similar to sessions, the page views section will show you the traffic that is coming to your site. Each time someone looks at a new page, the number increases. This is also represented in a graph lower on the SEO report.

Average Duration

average duration

This number indicates the average amount of time someone spends on your website. The longer the duration the better. The longer users spend on your website, the more chance you have for conversion (i.e. submitting a “contact us” form).

Bounce Rate

bounce rate

This number is the percentage of visitors that visit a single page on your website and then leave without taking any other action (i.e. clicking on another page). Ideally, you want your reader to engage with your services, so having a lower SEO bounce rate is the goal. 

One of the tricky things with bounce rates and websites is that blog posts tend to have a high bounce rate, regardless of the industry. This could be because a lot of visitors get the information they need from the single blog without having to dive deeper into the site. This is totally normal.

Top Referrals

top referral

This list will show you where your users are coming from (other than organic searches). A referral happens when a link to your website is listed somewhere else. For example, if you have a lot of visitors coming to your site from Facebook, you can try to focus on optimizing your Facebook page for even more traffic. It can also highlight directories (both legal and general) that are working for your firm.

Top Pages

top pages

This list will show you the top pages on your website, according to page views. Your home page will usually be the top page, but the other pages listed can tell you a lot about your users. Is there a specific blog that’s doing particularly well? Why is that the case? How can you replicate that for future posts?



This part of the SEO report is where you’ll find information about the top legal keywords you’re trying to rank for, as well as each keyword’s impressions and position. 

The impressions will indicate how many people viewed your search result when they typed in that specific keyword. The position indicates how high you rank for that keyword. 



At the bottom of each report, you’ll have a personal message and update from your designated SEO for attorneys manager (see them here!). Here your manager might give you updates on your blog, or further ideas to improve your SEO law firm results. 

Do you want to see this report for your website? Contact us today!

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