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Site Duration: How to increase for your SEO Strategy

June, 18 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Remember that old fable about the tortoise and the hare? Well, its moral is easily translated to law firm SEO: slow and steady wins the race. When it comes to law firm site session duration—how long a visitor stays on your website—you want to emulate the tortoise…not the hare with site duration.

Here’s how you can increase site duration.

1. Add images to break up content.

Law firm websites should not be overly stuffed with text. People already have a hard time reading on screens, and particularly on mobile screens. Though you might think less copy means less time on a webpage, it can actually mean more, because readers won’t be scared away from the page. Breaking up the content with pictures makes it take longer to read, and is easier on the eyes, reducing the number of visitors who bounce away from your page.

2. Add video content.

Video content has the highest rate of engagement online. An informative video is often easier for a web browser to digest than an article, and people generally like watching videos. This means that they are not unlikely to watch a video from start to finish, which of course boosts your site duration. Even if they don’t watch the whole thing, watching just one or two minutes dramatically reduces the bounce rate for that page.

3. Add internal links to more content.

Have you ever had the experience of getting online to find some information, and suddenly realizing that an hour had gone by? The web is full of links that carry browsers from one topic to another. Use that to your advantage on your website by creating internal links to additional content, especially in your blog articles.

Working internal links also send a cue to Google that your attorney websites are easy to navigate, so links provide that additional SEO for law firms boost.

4. Provide longer Blogs.

Believe it or not, people do read blogs. Among the most common readers are web browsers searching for information on Google, who get taken to your law firm’s blog page. Don’t pass up this opportunity by creating lackluster, short content.

Yes, we said earlier to keep the copy short, but that is mostly true on static (unchanging) pages like your homepage and practice area pages. Blog posts should be long (not too long) at around 800 to 1200 words (at least). Longer blogs that are also engaging and informative will keep people reading and boost site duration.

5. Create a list for FAQ pages or Q&A.

A FAQ or Q&A page can provide visitors with an easy place to access information. Moreover, it can keep them on your lawyer websites if they feel like their question will be answered. Better yet, you can include links to a relevant blog post in each and every FAQ or Q&A, bringing browsers down the proverbial rabbit hole of legal information.

6. Keep your navigation easy.

There should be menus at the top and bottom of your site pages, and on mobile versions as well. Easy site navigation will keep browsers on the site, while frustrating site navigation will send them away. 

Does it really matter?

Site duration is not a meaningless statistic. In fact, it’s very important to Google and other search engines because it shows them that your law firm website can provide the solutions that web browsers are searching for. Law Firm Sites can help with all of the above ways to boost your site duration and SEO. 

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