SEO Basics: Beginning Guide

September 06, 2019

seoSearch engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the way to make your website visible on search engines such as Google, ensuring that it gets visitors. SEO is necessary for any industry, but in law, it’s one way to attract new clients, and even how our company, Law Firm Sites, lets law firms know about our design and marketing services.

You can achieve some success using DIY SEO and can employ that knowledge and those skills alongside law firm website design and marketing services that you pay for.

The basis of SEO, whether for law firm websites or any other industry, is keyword usage. Search engine users rely on keywords to find your website. Those keywords often describe the location of a company because searchers want something local. For example, users might type in a basic search such as “lawyer in [city].” Other keywords include the type of law, such as a family or business attorney, or words that describe the law firm’s prices such as “cheap lawyer.”

Companies can implement hot keywords into their law firm websites. Page titles and URLs, link text, and page content should all use these keywords to signal to search engines that the website is relevant to the user’s query.

However, there are limits to DIY SEO, which can be time-consuming. Every law firm in the same location or with the same focus is competing to promote themselves using the same keywords. This is where research into longer, specific keywords known as long tail keywords is helpful. Highlighting the long tail keywords that others have failed to utilize can bring in more traffic and business.

Because this can be such a daunting task, many firms hire SEO professionals. That’s where Law Firm Sites comes into play. We also offer law firm website design to ensure your website is the best once visitors find it. Contact our office today to discuss your site and how to begin marketing.