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How to Bring More Traffic to Your Website

April, 20 2022
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The tips below can help you create law websites that draw organic traffic. Creating high-quality leads of viewers looking for an attorney takes a commitment to producing great content and meeting your potential clients where they hang out online, including podcasts and social media.

This article provides tips to guide your firm in creating strategic email marketing campaigns, guest blogs and content optimized with SEO for law firms. Keep reading for the essential details on how to make a website, social media, YouTube channel, and other digital marketing interact that helps your law firm thrive.

Content Is (Still) King

Write about a range of topics related to your areas of specialization. By producing relevant law firm website content, you establish authority and keep current and future clients on your site longer. In turn, this increases the potential that they will hire you to represent them.

Here are a few tips to help you develop your content strategy:

  • Add fresh, consistent content to improve your search ranking.
  • Add value to potential clients by presenting useful information in easy-to-digest formats.
  • Use blog posts to give you an opportunity to develop larger themes around keywords that also appear on your landing pages.

A smart content strategy covers numerous search queries and improves your online visibility. This makes it easier for clients to find you and more likely that they will trust you when they do.

Evergreen Content

Presenting timely information in the form of press releases or news content can increase interest in your site. However, it’s also important to produce evergreen content that will always add value to site visitors. Evergreen content avoids tying content to a particular point in time, and it can help you produce content that stays relevant in search results. It improves your authority, may attract backlinks, and helps educate new readers about your business and services.

Google Snippet Content Tips for Legal Websites

Google Featured Snippets are typically short, bulleted lists that come up for particular search terms. Creating content that might get featured in a snippet can make it easier for Google to find and feature your content on results pages.

Using a variety of headings such as H3 and H4, flags content as highly relevant. Adding bulleted or numbered lists can also help your content make it to featured snippet content boxes, which appear directly under Google’s search tool.

Snippets make it easy for users to find answers quickly without clicking through various websites. At the same time, they also direct traffic to your site when users want more details about the topic. This is even more effective if you have high-ranking content.

Featured Snippet Tips

Here are some recommendations for landing your content in featured snippets:

  • Include question keywords in your content.
  • Utilize a variety of strategies geared toward getting your site featured in paragraphs, tables, lists, and other types of snippets.
  • Use short paragraphs and sentences users can easily scan.
  • Create subheads to logically structured content.

You’ll also want to focus on basic search engine optimization to be included in a featured snippet.

Essential SEO for Attorneys

Understanding the following elements can help you maximize your search engine optimization for attorney websites:

  • Meta descriptions briefly describe your website. Using meta descriptions can help Google direct traffic to your site.
  • Meta titles are another HTML feature you can optimize to improve your search engine optimization.
  • Keywords are search terms used in text or speech browser searches. Including keywords in your content helps your site rank higher in search results for particular keywords.
  • External links describe links to other websites such as authoritative .gov, .org and .edu sites.
  • Internal links lead visitors to other product and service pages or blogs on your website. A strategic internal linking strategy can help keep visitors on your page and increase the likelihood of converting them to paying clients at your law firm.

No matter how much keyword research you do, a poor SEO strategy will leave you with few visitors to your legal website. Simple SEO practices can generate organic traffic and improve your conversion rate. They will also make you much more popular on Google.

So, how do you adjust your SEO strategy so that people searching for your services land on your web pages? Here are a few things you can do right now to bring more people to your social media or law firm sites:

  • Start with an SEO-friendly CMS. We recommend WordPress.
  • Help searchers find your law firm sites on mobile devices with responsive design.
  • Choose a reliable host that guarantees great performance.
  • Use a valid SSL Certificate for security.
  • Cultivate links for relevant sites.
  • Generate content that’s interesting and useful and that people want to read.

Nailing these best practices may not solve all of your SEO problems. However, it will definitely improve the ROI on your digital marketing efforts.

Connect With Other Companies Through Podcasts and Guest Blog Posts

You can guest post on other sites in return for links back to your lawyer websites or social media pages. With a little extra effort, you can attract organic traffic to your website. This helps you increase your brand awareness and establish authority in your field of expertise.

Guest Blogging for Links to Websites for Lawyers

You already have the knowledge that you need to create content on other sites. However, you may be wondering how to find websites that accept guest posts. You can use Google operators to locate websites that accept guest posts.

Try these operators to refine your Google search for websites accepting guest blogs:

  • KEYWORD intitle:”contribute to”
  • KEYWORD intitle:”write for me”
  • KEYWORD “guest post by”
  • KEYWORD inurl:/guest-post/
  • KEYWORD “accepting guest posts”
  • KEYWORD “guest post guidelines”
  • KEYWORD “guest article”
  • KEYWORD “guest column”
  • KEYWORD “become a contributor”

Podcasts Improve SEO for Lawyers

podcast recordingDid you know over 40% of the US population listens to podcasts? Brands are flocking to the podcast circuit in order to establish authority, provide a visual context for key personnel and generate warm leads.

You can avoid the investment it takes to purchase the equipment and hire experienced staff to create podcasts that attract potential clients. Having your attorneys interview on existing podcasts can help you establish your brand and increase high-value traffic to your website, and hopefully to your law office as well.

You can share the podcast on social media and your website, making podcasts reusable, effective legal content for websites across multiple channels.

Be Present on Social Media

It’s essential to find out the demographics of different social media platforms and build up a profile where your target audience lives online. Although it’s important to target your law firm social media strategy on all social media channels relevant to your specific demographic, Facebook and Twitter are great places to start.

Here are some tips to improve your marketing on these two huge social media platforms,

Facebook Marketing Tips for Lawyer Websites

Do you regularly post on your law firm’s Facebook page? creating relevant posts that link to informative blogs and direct traffic to your serve as pages can greatly improve your chances of landing lucrative legal clients.

Once you create a Facebook page, follow these marketing tips to improve your traffic and conversion rates:

  • Use compelling images.
  • Ask questions to generate conversation.
  • Use videos that are easy to share.
  • Use quotes and link to articles on your blog.
  • Include links to case studies on positive case results.

Twitter Marketing Tips for Attorneys

Twitter is also a valuable social media platform for law firms. Here are a few tips for follow for best results:

  • Add quotes from podcasts and blog posts and link to your contact page.
  • Provide statistics and use #Hashtags and @mentions.
  • Use compelling images and content that is likely to receive retweets.

Create a YouTube Channel

Creating your own YouTube channel can help you engage with your potential clients. Make sure that you include links back to your social media and website pages. YouTube loves channels that keep viewers on their site. It helps them generate more ad revenue. When you create compelling YouTube videos, the platform rewards you with increased ranking and visibility.

By creating high-engagement videos that answer questions that your potential clients want the answers to can also help you rank highly in YouTube searches.

Create an email marketing campaign. 

Nearly half the planet uses email. According to Statista there were 3.9 billion email users in 2019. This brings home the simple fact that getting anything done online requires capturing email addresses. You should include ways to capture customer contact information on your website, YouTube channel and social media platforms.

The importance of email cannot be overemphasized. Effective email marketing campaigns help you connect with current and potential clients in a medium that they use every day.

You can increase website traffic with email marketing by building a subscriber list and choosing effective marketing software for emails. Eye-catching subject lines, compelling messages, and clear call to action are key when designing your email marketing campaigns.

Contact us today for more great strategies for lawyers SEO practices and law firm websites.

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