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Where to Display Reviews On Your Lawyer Website

January, 21 2022
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Ben Johnson

Any expert who operates a business on a professional level knows that consumers rely on online reviews and attorney ratings when purchasing a legal product or service. 

Reviews allow potential clients to get real feedback on a law firm and decide if the firm is the right fit for them. 

In fact

About 58% of consumers rely on online lawyer reviews when choosing a lawyer. 

So, how can you utilize these reviews and showcase them right on your site?

How To Display Reviews On Lawyer Firm Websites

You can showcase reviews on multiple places on your law firm’s website. Here are some ideas on how you can do it: 

Use a Built-in Widget

If you created your website with WordPress, you can add a widget to your sidebar. 

There are different types of widgets to choose from, and depending on their type, they have different functions. 

Most modern websites have widgets, and they are really beneficial for law firm sites as well. 

They improve user experience, increase engagement and conversion, and they are customizable to match attorney web design. 

Consider using a built-in widget that will automatically show your firm’s reviews as you receive them.

Other Places On Your Website To Showcase Reviews

Here are some other ideas where you place reviews on your law firm website: 

  • The header on the homepage of your website. You can put a single review in your header: the top section of the web page. It is an excellent place for placing the best and most positive reviews along with lawyer ratings because it sets the tone for your site’s services. 
  • The sidebar on the “About Us” page. This is another great and effective place for displaying your reviews, right alongside where the user is learning about the members of your firm.
  • Carousel on your website’s homepage. In order to use this method, you need to create and design a carousel-style collection. The main benefit of the carousel is the flexibility that allows you to spread them across different places within the website.
  • Your service page. Putting the reviews on your service page is a good idea because it lets your clients speak for you directly on the page where you describe your services. 
  • Dedicated testimonials page. This page can be linked within the top menu or within the footer for easy access. 

Should you display negative reviews on your website?

Obviously, every business wants to have positive reviews only, but it’s not always the case. You will probably have negative reviews and they can be posted, as long as they are handled and showcased properly.

This could be a great opportunity to show prospective clients how you respond and fix any problems that were raised in the review, just make sure it’s clear that you’ve helped that reviewer!

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