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October, 12 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Google is continually updating its algorithms in order to bring the best service to its users. 

Recently, Google has been taking a closer look at whether you are providing answers to commonly-asked questions. 

Google is all about the user experience, and answering frequently asked questions can help you provide a better experience for your website’s visitors. 

You can show answers to commonly asked questions in multiple ways to both Google and its users, namely through blogs, practice area content, or specific Q&A or FAQs pages. 

Why Have FAQs or Q&A content on my law firm website?

There are many reasons why you should consider answering common questions as part of your website content. Here are a few:

  • Better user experience. Consider having categories within the FAQs page to improve this as well
  • Establish trust
  • Provide an opportunity to add more content and keywords to your site
  • Add internal linking opportunities
  • Help viewers navigate to pages you want them to go to. For example, you could link an answer to a question to a recent blog that answers the question more in-depth. 
  • Google will like to highlight FAQ sections in its featured snippets, which appear before any other search result

How do I get started?

Creating a FAQs page is fairly simple, especially since you have studied and have countless experience with your specific practice area. 

You can start by slowly assembling a list of frequently asked questions clients have when they come to you for their first consultation–a list that is specific to your practice area. If you have multiple practice areas, consider creating a FAQs page for each area. 

Looking at your competitor’s websites is an effective way to see how you want your FAQs page or Q&A page to be set up by law firm website designers. Do you want it in the form of a blog? Maybe it’s connected to your practice area page. Or maybe you want to create a separate page for commonly asked questions. How do you want your visitor to find this page and where do you want them to go from there? This is where a law firm website design company can help. 

Creating a commonly asked questions page will provide many benefits to your SEO for law firm websites, will improve the user experience, and may even give you more content ideas for the future. If you have any questions about this or want to create a designated FAQs/Q&A page, let the large and small law firm website design experts at Law Firm Sites help you.

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