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How to Conduct Competitor Analysis

July, 16 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Today’s marketing efforts are built on great SEO performance. The key to being on top of the SEO hill is knowing where your competitors stand, and how they got there. Here’s how your firm can conduct competitor analysis for SEO and better position yourselves for success. 

What Competitor Analysis SEO Does for Your Company

Gone are the old-fashioned days of phone books and newspaper ads. Today’s clients will be finding your business by using a search engine like Google. 

Few people go past the first or second page of results when looking for their results. You need to be as close to the top of the ranking as you can in order to attract new clientele. 

Competitor analysis allows you to spot how other businesses are overtaking your position online, and it gives your firm a roadmap that can get you back to that top position. 

How You Can Find Your Competitors

Who are your biggest competitors? 

When it comes to SEO competitor research, your biggest competition might actually be from some unlikely sources. 

Competitors come from all areas of our digital space. You could be competing for SEO relevance with businesses in completely different fields or even accidentally find yourself wasting valuable effort competing with companies that aren’t even in your lane. 

SEO research will help you identify both who your digital competitors are, and how they have successfully positioned themselves against you in search results. 

What to Focus Your Competitor SEO Research Efforts On

SEO research can be a massive topic. Here’s what your firm should hone in on when conducting competitor analysis. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the heart of competitor analysis. Keywords aren’t just as simple as “local law firm.” They can be much more nuanced and targeted. Your keyword analysis will show you some surprising areas where even minor competitors might be dramatically overtaking your online performance. 

Backlink Research

It’s not just the information on the page that is so important, it’s also the quality of the links within the page that matters. 

Backlink research gives your company a profile of how your competition is using links to structure their content. This can help point you toward new ways you can better position yourself in this digital landscape. 

Content/Blog Research

Blogs and other writing are major reasons people visit websites. Whether it’s simple 101 advice or more complicated articles, this writing is the meat of a well-structured website. 

The technology of the internet itself is another curve you need to stay ahead of. 

Mobile Responsiveness

This is still one of the most underlooked areas in law firm sites.

Legal websites that have poor mobile responsiveness are less visited than more responsive options. Your page speed also impacts how long people will stay on your website. 

Page Speed

Having the best Google SEO keyword research performance won’t matter if it takes your page 15 seconds to load. Research suggests that today’s average web surfer will only wait 2 seconds for a page to start loading. You’ve got to meet or beat that standard to stay relevant to your audience. 

Contact us for help with Competitor Analysis

As a company that provides professional SEO services, we have the tools, resources, and knowledge to help you conduct competitor research for your firm. Contact us today to learn more. 

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