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The Role Content plays in your Ranking.

February, 23 2017
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Jo Stephens

It doesn’t matter what the business is or what kind of material is sold, the websites search engine ranking is vital to survival. Search engines generate the vast majority of traffic to most websites. Outside of a handful of truly popular sites, most people come to a website via a search engine. The higher a website appears on a search engine’s ranking, the more traffic it receives. The more traffic a website receives the more sales and business it likely generates. So how do you increase the search engine ranking of law firm sites? Content plays a very important role.

How Content Effects Your Ranking: 

Law Firm Sites can help you provide very specific information for your visitors. However, if you simply post general blurbs about your site and the legal services you provide it ultimately will not perform any better than the other legal sites out there on the Internet. The vast number of law sites utilize the same basic setup, including images, perhaps some recommendations from past clients and the forms of law the attorneys presently practice. This is where the quality content comes in.

A simple blog for a legal site can prove invaluable. The blog can outline different legal situations, provide recommendations and some general guidance. Each blog post is sorted for search engines, which in turn helps with the website ranking. Because most other legal sites do not have a blog, this will help your site leapfrog over other non-blog sites and boost your search engine ranking. Now more than ever before, the quality of your content plays a pivotal role in the site’s ranking on search engines. This is why you need to take advantage of this opportunity. Even if you post once a week or so, you’d be amazed at how content effects your ranking online. Call Law Firm Sites today and see how we can help market your law firm and promote the legal services you offer.

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