Why should my site be mobile responsive?

February 14, 2017
Mobile responsive

Having a fully functional, easy to navigate website is crucial for any business. It makes viewing content, locating contact information and sifting through other material that much easier. With the explosion of mobile devices including smart phones and tablets, a mobile version of websites has become popular. This mobile version is far different from the mobile Internet used on flip-phones and other pre-smart devices. Essentially the same content can be views on a mobile device, only the formatting is different and some plug-ins may not work. Yet if a smart phone is able to display the full website, why should you consider a mobile attorney website design? There are a handful of crucial reasons why.

Looking For Legal Assistance on the Go

People are not always going to be around computers when they need to look up legal information. Perhaps they were just involved in a hit in run, or maybe they are trying to perform research while riding on the buss to work. Due to this, a mobile attorney website design is extremely helpful and will ensure all of your content is viewable by those on your website.

Boost in Search Engine Ranking

Making sure your content is easily seen is important. You also need to boost your search engine traffic. The best way to do this is to improve your search engine ranking. Google has stated it will rank mobile-based websites higher than non-mobile sites when a mobile search is performed. This means if you have a mobile website, it will rank higher than other law firm sites without a mobile option. When conducting research on a mobile platform, smart phone and tablet users are more likely to select the first law firm sites they come by. In which case, your mobile website will help with this.

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