3 Ways to Help Your Avvo Rating

December 26, 2017
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Avvo is an attorney marketing service that provides users with lawyer referrals, a database of common legal advice, and a ranking system for the attorneys in their area. The ranking system on Avvo’s legal website is specifically designed to provide individuals with a precise calculation of how experienced and reputable each attorney is. Many legal professionals are looking for ways to maximize their law firm sites reviews score on Avvo in pursuance of an increased clientele base and marketing for lawyers. There are several attainable goals to set if you’re looking to obtain the highest lawyer ranking possible.

1. Keep Your Information In-Depth and Updated

The main factor Avvo considers when calculating your rank is the extent of your work experience. As well as what legal positions you have previously held. It is also important to keep your state bar licensing and any award information current. Be sure to include the specific dates listed in these categories. If you provide Avvo the information without any relevant dates, they end up assuming the oldest date possible. Therefore, lowering the amount of points you accumulate in this area.

2. Network Within the Legal Community

Becoming more well known within the legal community is not just essential in terms of marketing for lawyers. Your involvement in local legal affairs will also potentially heighten your Avvo ranking. Not only does Avvo view attorneys who are present in the community as being more serious, but you may also acquire peer evaluations and endorsements which also increase your ranking on the site.

3. Invest More Time in Public Speaking

Avvo holds public speaking events to a high standard. Participating in more of these engagements will help you maintain a higher rating. There are many law firm sites offering users legal events to attend in their area. For example, the Annual Bar Association event in your region. You may also want to consider hosting a continuing legal education (CLE) program. Maintaining a high rating on law firm sites is one of the primary ways you can appeal to potential clients in the future. Taking these steps to heighten your score will show the public that you take your job as an attorney incredibly seriously. And, your work is routinely reliable. Finally, after your score on their ranking system has become more recognizable among competitors, you are sure to see a higher accumulation of referrals.