What Does an AV Rating Mean?

27 Dec, 2016
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The Merits Of AV Rating

Competition is healthy. To attract clients, companies undertake different promotional strategies. In the same way, lawyers can now attract clients by virtue of displaying their AV ratings on their law firm sites. In the past, potential clients didn’t know what to look for when enlisting the services of an attorney. Information about lawyers was rarely available. People relied on shared content about lawyers or references from friends and relatives. The value brought about by AV ratings is unrivaled.

This prestigious rating signifies an attorney’s highest level of professional excellence. Furthermore, lawyers with such designation display high ethical standards. These ratings are based on the evaluations provided by other members of the bar besides the judiciary in Canada and the U.S. Reviewers assess the legal ability and general ethical standards of their colleagues in a specified area of practice. The information provided by the lawyers is confidential. They are not paid for, thus cannot be influenced. Often, attorneys use such ratings to search for help of another lawyer, for themselves or their valued clients. In addition, the ratings are used by lawyers seeking for services that are outside their own areas of expertise. The ratings are based on a lawyer’s performance in five crucial areas.

The lawyers review their peer’s legal knowledge in terms of familiarity with the laws governing his or her area of specification. They assess attorneys’ analytical capabilities in the form of analyzing and applying technical knowledge. Lawyer’s judgment in a given case, ability to communicate credibly and persuasively, and his or her experience in a given areas of practice determine the outcomes of the ratings.

What Do They Mean to Clients?

The ratings are considered imperative benchmarks and are displayed on law firm websites. The public can use this information to seek the services of a given attorney. The ratings give clients assurance of receiving the best services from a given attorney. By enlisting the services of such a lawyer, you are guaranteed that your issues will be his or her top priority.
Lawyers can have other legal ability ratings, including BV, CV, general recommendation rating and V ratings. However, the AV rating symbolizes the highest level of excellence.

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