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Personal Injury Websites: 5 Tips for Better Impact

June, 16 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Is your law firm involved with personal injury cases like car accidents, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation? Gone are the days when having your face on the back of a bus was a client magnet. In today’s world, you need to catch clients where they are most often: the internet. And the way to do that is with excellent personal injury lawyer websites.

Here are 5 Tips for Impactful Personal Injury Websites

Customize your Law Firm Website Design.

Personal injury lawyers are among the busiest legal professionals. With so much competition for clients, you need a law firm website that stands out. While it’s true that drag and drop builders can offer you cookie-cutter designs, they cannot offer the nuanced understanding of an experienced designer. A designer will make sure your lawyer website design is free of kinks and flaws that might appear in the competition, such as making sure your law firm site is mobile-friendly.

Localize your SEO.

A comprehensive design and lawyer SEO marketing service like Law Firm Sites will also help you reach potential clients where they matter: your local area. There’s an art and science to appearing in local searches and on maps. Location-oriented keywords in your website copy and making sure your law firm is listed on search engines and law firm directories are just a few concerns. There are many factors to keep track of in terms of boosting your local SEO, which is why the guidance of an experienced SEO and design team can go a long way.

Be specific.

If your law firm has several practice areas within personal injury—car accidents, wrongful death, workers compensation, to name a few—you’ll want to break that down for visitors to your website. Each practice area should have its own specific practice area page where you highlight information about that legal area and how it’s treated in your state or city. Not only will this boost your credibility with potential clients, it will boost your law firm SEO. Google will take note of the specific language you use on your pages to describe your services, and present it to searching clients accordingly.

Create useful content.

Your law firm website is your first opportunity to show clients that you can help them. And the best part of your website for showing that is your blog. Weekly blog articles can expand on some common issues in your areas of practice. They will also get picked up by Google if they address questions that potential clients are typing into the search bar. A blog should not just be informative, but also readable and enjoyable. As you might guess, there is an art to packaging information in a layman-friendly way.

Hire an experienced team.

Law Firm Sites has created hundreds of the best personal injury websites, and we know what works in terms of SEO and client conversions. We can help with both the design of the site and with the personal injury marketing behind the scenes. We can manage your ongoing blog and assist in periodic site maintenance to make sure your personal injury website design stands out from the pack and generates personal injury leads. 

Do you want to see your site with a new look?