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Why you need a custom law firm website design

April, 18 2022
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Jo Stephens
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Each law firm is unique, and each firm has a different focus practice area, mission statement, and brand. In order to promote your firm’s identity and purpose, a one-size-fits-all type of template site isn’t the answer. Instead, you should opt for a custom law firm website design.

The truth is, that most potential clients will judge the book by its cover. In a matter of seconds, they’ll look at your web design and make assumptions about your services and capabilities. If your site is poorly designed, users might leave without learning about what you have to offer. 

Often, a law firm’s website is the first interaction that a potential client has with a law firm. So, why do you need a custom lawyer website design? A custom website can mean the difference between a booming business and a quiet phone line. 

What’s the difference between a custom design and a template design?

If you’re new to the website design world, it might be difficult to distinguish between a templated website and a custom one. Here are the main differences:

Template Websites

Websites built with templates or software often look the same as all the other plain websites out there, and they don’t really stand out.

Often, they can be hard to navigate. These sites may also lack crisp and detailed graphics, and some spacing may look awkward.

The easiest way to tell if a website is a template or custom is to look at the source code. Be sure to look for wording like /template/, /skins/, or /themes/. If the company name appears after these terms, the website is probably a custom one. If not, the website is probably built off of a template. 

Custom Websites

Custom-built websites have the advantage of looking professional, beautiful, and easy to navigate (if you choose the right design agency, of course). Typically, a web design company will have a team of graphic designers who can enhance your current logos or create new ones for your website. They will provide beautiful and enhancing graphics that will make your website beautiful and professional-looking

Here are the reasons why you should have a custom website design:

Unique Look

The greatest advantage is that your website will have a completely unique design. You can rest assured that the design will be different than your competitor’s website. Template websites are often easy to identify and can lack the professional, sleek design that a law firm website needs. Your unique design is sure to impress your potential clients.

Creative Input

Your law firm has a particular brand, and by working with a firm that creates custom designs, you have the creative input to change and edit the website design. 

With a template, your creative input is limited, and you can only make certain changes to it.

Easy Redesign

After the website is complete, you can still improve, modify, and change the website. Templates will eventually look outdated but a custom website, supported by great development staff, can be updated regularly to keep the design up-to-date. 

It will also allow you to update the website to reflect an expanding business, as features and functions can be added as needed during times of growth and expansion. For example, did a new attorney join your firm? Update your website to show their bio and picture

Finding the Right Web Design Agency

At Law Firm Sites Inc. we offer fully custom website designs that are tailored to fit your needs and create a stunning first impression for your potential clients. There is no need to worry about a competitor having the same website

Do you want to see your site with a new look?