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When and How to Change Your URL

July, 05 2019
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Jo Stephens
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Law firm names typically include those of the founding or managing partners. In the 90’s website design for law firms focused more on creating list-style web pages than thinking about the domain name.

Today, online identity is important for all businesses. Many firms that had long URL names recognized the need to create new ones. Firms that have put off changing their URL should contact Law Firm Sites to discover how easy the process can be.

Why Change Your Firm’s URL
Law firms have some of the longest names in the business world. It is not unusual to find firm names with over 30 characters. When firms were snapping up domain names in the mid to late 90’s, many used the entire name as their URL.

Having a long URL did not necessarily do their business harm but it became an irritation for employees and clients alike to have to remember long domain names. For many firms, lawyer site design in the 2000’s included shortening the URL.

Firms also found that by incorporating terms associated with practice areas in the URL, they stood out to prospects searching for an attorney. Firm branding using terms like ‘bankruptcy’ or ‘estates’ in the URL resulted in increased visits.

When to Change Your Firm’s URL
The most effective time to change a URL is as part of an overall firm rebranding effort. As part of website design for law firms, changing the URL is a key component. For many firms, it includes everything from a new website, to new logos, and letterhead.

To succeed in online branding and URL changes, lawyer site design includes working with an experienced partner that will provide high quality at affordable rates. Law Firm Sites works with firms of all sizes, guiding them through the branding and design options that enhance their online presence.

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