How Do I Choose A Domain Name For My Law Firm Website?

April 16, 2019

Choosing a domain name is an important decision, and for law firm websites, it is a potential client’s first impression of your business. As you check to see your domain name, you’ll find many names already taken. You may not even get the exact name of your law firm since ICANN registers domain names worldwide.

domain nameTLDs

You want to decide on a top-level domain, such as .com, .lawyer or .attorney. If you cannot get the .com domain you want, consider other top-level domains, especially .attorney or .lawyer. Conventional wisdom says consumers will automatically type .com to reach your website, however, most consumers will click on a link to your website from search engine results, social media or email. People rarely type in domain names these days.

domainBrandable Domain Names

Using your law firm’s name in your domain is a branding opportunity, unless your name is long or difficult to spell. Law firm sites frequently abbreviate their name to have a shorter domain name. You can also use your town or practice area in your domain name to brand yourself, such as or

Good Domain Names

good domain nameGood domain names are short. You can use up to 63 characters, but anything over 20 characters is awkward. Avoid using hyphens or other symbols because people should be able to say your domain name in a conversation easily. Write down potential domain names and check to see if the letters can spell other words if you add spaces, otherwise, you could end up becoming one of websites for law firms that people mock online.

If someone has the domain name you want and they are not using it, they may sell it to you. If you can’t find an appropriate domain name, ask the firm providing your law firm website design for help.

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