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3 Easy Steps to Write an Effective Review

May, 07 2018
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Jo Stephens
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In today’s tech-savvy world, doing research by reading reviews, for law firms or for any other company, helps clients find the right representation to meet their needs.

In fact

Research has shown that 93% of customers agreed that reviews impact their decision in choosing a company or service. That is why sharing experience with local businesses is important.

The following three steps serve as a guide for first-time reviewers, particularly, in drafting the type of review that other people want to read. These directly relate to attorney reviews, but the principles and tips can be applied to any business.

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How to Write a Good Review for an Attorney

Step One: Provide context for the review.

When writing a lawyer review, you should explain why you needed legal representation in the first place.

Without divulging too many details, you should provide a narrative of the events and why a lawyer was needed. If someone else is going through a similar situation, this information will be invaluable.

Step Two: Explain what makes the law firm services ideal or needs improvement.

You should then into the advantages and disadvantages of hiring said law firm to help your case. Constructive criticism is often welcomed, as being straightforward with information that could potentially help a law firm improve its operations is helpful to the firm.

Step Three: Summarize what you gained from the experience.

The purpose of a review is to inform, educate or persuade others to seek legal representation from the law firm mentioned. Noting what was gained from the experience allows others to form their own opinion as to how the services will work for them, as others will review the facts, decipher the story being told, and then determine whether or not to use the law firm based on what they read.

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Good Things to Say About a Lawyer

Are you wondering how to describe a good lawyer, even after reading through the steps above? Here are some ideas:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Great Communication
  • Responsiveness
  • Patience
  • Great Listening Skills
  • Hardworking and Persevering

If you want more ideas, Abraham Lincoln University has a great blog that describes what makes a good lawyer.

Lawyer Review Websites

So, you’ve written a great review using the steps above, but now you need to know where to submit your review for a lawyer. Here are some of the top review sites for lawyers:

If you’ve had a positive or negative experience with a lawyer, writing a review can be very helpful to potential clients and for the lawyer. Have any questions about how and where to write an attorney review? Contact an internet marketing for lawyers company today!

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