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Read This to Find Out What a Great Website Must Have

February, 17 2014
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Jo Stephens
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While there is no cut and dry list or template for creating the best website, there are some important additions to consider. At Law Firm Sites, Inc. we have compiled a few of our observations about the best attorney website design features.


  • A strong design has timeless qualities. Also, they fill in the gaps that make some of your competitors fall short. Create a creative design using color theory, calls-to-action, robust typography, and an intuitive user journey. Weave these qualities together to provide a positive and memorable user experience. A centered design that stands on its merits independent of anything else.
  • Make sure your site navigation is easy and concise. Be sure to have interesting and engaging user interfaces. Be sure that each element is given appropriate space. Users need to be able to differentiate between elements. So, don’t cramp everything together. And the important elements and directives should be above the page fold for ease of access.
  • People don’t like slow websites—they’re frustrating. In order to make your website faster, lower the number of HTTP requests. Also, minimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Instead, use CSS replacements for images and employ CSS sprites where appropriate.
  • Use content wisely. Be sure that your pages are full of interesting, well-written content, interesting images, animations, and interactive elements. Do your keyword research, use a mix of short and long tail keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, image descriptions, and content to optimize your site. This is critical to your SEO and marketing responsiveness.

Have More Questions?

The Law Firm Sites design team has been charged with the task of creating unique, interesting, and professional designs for each of our lawyer clients and we have the successful track record to prove we are among the best. But we can’t do it without our clients’ participation. We love it when our clients take interest in what their law firm website should look like and listen to our expert advice and suggestions. Please check back next week to see how to efficiently help your designer and get the results you want. To learn more about our team or our services, click here or call us today at (800) 932-8242.

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