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Personalizing Your Law Firm Website: General

May, 13 2016
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Lately, we have been discussing the importance of personalizing a legal website to enhance a great custom law firm website design. In our last blog post we discussed significance of using photos of the firm’s attorneys and office compared to stock photos. This is a vital key to personalization, but there are more tips to help you improve upon your website, whether that is through updates or a completely new design.

  1. The content that is included in your website should speak to your potential clients. If you are focusing on family, think about content that will help encourage a parent fight for child custody. Think of a “call to action” that will encourage that parent to give you a call. The purpose behind content is to target your specific audience. General legal topics will not help your find your target clientele.
  2. Client Stories. The website is the perfect place to ensure that your potential clients know why your law firm is the best choice. Use client stories to illustrate how you have been able to positively impact your client’s life. If possible, use actual comments from clients with their name and photo attached (with permission, of course). This will add credibility to your law firm, but it will also add a human connection. Lawyers are often seen as cold and calculating. Let the testimonials speak for themselves.
  3. Introducing your Attorneys. Your law firm has a lot of great attorneys ready to help your clients. Be sure to showcase their education, skills, and accomplishments on the attorney bio pages. Give your potential clients to opportunity to get to know a little bit about the attorneys that will be working on their case. Be sure to include why the attorneys enjoy what they do.
  4. Run A/B Tests. This is a test that allows you to test out different versions of a webpage to determine which one is encourages more site engagement. It works by showing half of your visitors one version, and showing the other half the second version. You can test out designs, images, form placement, etc. Then you will be able to see which version has a better conversion rate. With this information you can update and change your website to better capture your target audience.

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