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It’s About People: Remembering the Reason Behind the Work

August, 08 2018
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Jo Stephens
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It’s About People: Remember the Reason Behind the Work

Between your growing caseload, learning law firm website design and marketing, and other aspects of your law practice, you may have lost sight of what your work is about: helping people. When lawyers remember to center their practices around their clients, their businesses grow and their law SEO improves. Here are a few ways you can retool your client interactions, which may boost your law firm sites performance with SEO for lawyers.

1. Remember that clients are people

SEO for lawyers can bring a variety of new clients. Something about your firm, such as your law firm website designs, caused your clients to place their trust in you. They need more than an advocate in court or negotiations; they need a guide. Even the most informative law firm sites cannot provide the support and reassurance of a kind word over the phone or an in-person meeting.

Treating your clients like humans, rather than cases, means letting them know at each interaction that you are prioritizing their needs. Ease them into conversations, especially about difficult subjects, by asking them how they’ve been doing. You can make a complex discussion easier to understand by checking in frequently to see if your client has any questions. Clients who value their attorneys often leave social media reviews, which improves SEO for lawyers.

2. Great law firms have great customer service

Great law SEO and law firm website design can bring clients to your office, but great customer service will bring them back. That means great communication. Regular phone calls, even in slow-moving cases, lets clients know that you haven’t forgotten about them. If a client has a difficult time reaching you during business hours because of their schedule, suggest communicating through email. Law firm website designs can even accommodate secure online communication.

3. Creating approachable law firm website designs

Effective web design law firms involves simple, clean pages that allow potential clients to contact you easily. People looking for lawyers may have urgent needs, so they will not give complicated web design law firms much time. Present text in short, easy paragraphs, and guide users to contact you through contact forms and buttons.

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