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How to Improve Your Luck Online

March, 19 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Good User Experience
Having a great user experience (UX) will boost your credibility and professionalism. Google will look at how your user experience impacts your customers, which will help you rank higher on organic searches.

Clean Design
While marketing and advertising can bring people to your website, a great design will keep them there. A trusted website design company can help you create lawyer website design elements that are clear and elegant by using white space, sidebars, and other elements.

Another part of UX is having great images. You want your first impression to be eye-catching and interesting–and great images (that are high quality) are very important.

The information on your site is interesting and helpful, but our goal is to get the potential client to contact you for services. Your website should have a design that clearly shows your contact information on all pages.

Get to the point
Users don’t want to trudge through long paragraphs of irrelevant information. Instead of creating a novel on your lawyer website, have content that’s skimmable and minimal. You can use headers, bullet-point lists, and short paragraphs.

Stay Connected
Staying up to date with content (such as blogs) can help show that you’re active and aware of current issues. You can show this connectedness through regular social media.

A website that’s responsive is very important for improving your luck online. Just because a layout works well for your laptop doesn’t mean it will work for your smartphone. We can create a design that will respond and changed based on the device you’re using.

Slow law firm websites can be a key reason why potential customers leave your site quickly–you don’t want that. Here at Law Firm Sites, we regularly check our client’s page speeds and regularly improve them.

In a world that’s increasingly becoming online, having online security is crucial. Ask us about the steps we take to make sure your legal websites are secure and safe.

SEO is probably the most important way to “improve your luck” online. Keyword research, local marketing, and other strategies can help the right people find you. Have an SEO expert company help you with this.

If you have any questions regarding your law firm website’s impact online, please contact us at Law Firm Sites to help you get started with an SEO strategy and a new design.

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