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Website Summer Checklist for Your Law Website

June, 04 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Summer is here. School is out, but that doesn’t mean business at your law firm will slow down. Even if you don’t have free time on your hands, a change in seasons is a great time to do a routine checkup of your law firm website and your law firm’s web presence.

Showcase your awards and honors

Does your law firm have any service badges or awards like an A+ BBB rating or an endorsement from AAA? Make sure these accolades are on display on your legal website in a prominent place, such as a scrolling gallery on the homepage. Update your “About Us” section to include some of these honors. Reach out to former and current clients to get some Google Reviews, and showcase some of these reviews on your website. You may also be able to use a plugin to connect Google or Facebook reviews to your website. All these steps will show that you are a qualified and quality law firm.

Appear approachable and accessible 

It’s good to also show potential clients that you are approachable and accessible. Your contact forms should be easy to use. Make sure they are set up to alert you via email or text when someone submits the form, so you can respond to inquiries as quickly as possible; remember that the early bird gets the worm. Make sure in addition to a contact form, your contact info is displayed including phone number, email, and address. Emails and phone numbers should be clickable and translate to a dial or compose email window on a smartphone.

Have High-quality Pictures 

Make your law firm website design more personable and make sure it has pictures. A professional-looking headshot can go a long way toward building credibility and rapport at the same time. Is your law firm involved in any community service ventures or local clubs? You may be surprised to hear this, but putting pictures up of your community involvement can go a long way toward building your professional credibility because clients often prefer to work with lawyers who are personable and relatable.

Communicate your expertise in an understandable way 

You should use the copy on your website to communicate your expertise, but it should be readable to the average person. A great place to do this is in your blog posts, which can break down legal issues and concepts for readers who are not attorneys. Remember to show how many years of experience you have or the members of your law firm have. The end of a blog post is a great place to write this information into a segue toward making contact. 

Law Firm Sites can help with all of these steps, from updating the look of your site with showcased accolades and reviews to developing a readable blog that communicates your expertise while building up your lawyer SEO marketing. We’ve worked with law firms in dozens of different practice areas and locations, and know what to do to make your law firm the go-to choice for potential clients in your location and areas of practice.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?