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Specialized Justice- Brand Your Law Firm Website

September, 28 2015
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Jo Stephens
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As a lawyer, you seek for your clients to be fairly treated under the law. You might even seek to change laws that used to be socially acceptable but now are considered unfair. However, sometimes we become convinced that our legal system is the only reasonable way to exact justice. We forget that the law in America is a construct molded over time. It is incredibly different from the law in other nations and cultures.

Alice Springs

Take Australia for example- more specifically, the city of Alice Springs, recently dubbed the “Thigh-Stabbin’ Capital Of the World” by That’s right. For the Aboriginal people in Alice Springs, justice comes in the form of ritualized stabbings known as “payback” carried out by the tribal elders. The elders will use a spear to stab the convicted in the thigh, but different placement of the wound denotes different levels of punishment. We might find that practice shocking, but the Aboriginal people consider it a way to restore peace in the community. No matter how you feel about the justice of it, one thing is for sure- their specialization is memorable. You would never have had reason to remember the tiny Australian town of Alice Springs. But, now, it will stick with you.

United States

While we don’t practice that kind of punishment system in the United States, there are still various ways we can seek retribution for clients. How do you plan to brand your firm? Do you seek financial compensation, settlement agreements, or do you move for prison sentences? Do you seek to change unjust rulings and correct unfair procedures, or to work only within existing laws and not become politically involved?

There are many ways you can do your part to provide justice. It may be tempting to call yourself an all-purpose law firm. Or, to clam that you can handle any sort of legal need. However, specialization is a better course. Make sure that your law practice is properly branded so that you receive the right kind of cases for your expertise. It’s better to be well known for a specific thing. Rather than get lost in the search results because you’re trying to be too many things at once. Need help with your branding? A customized law firm website is the first step, and we can build it. Contact us today to see the many ways we can help you brand your site for your unique practice.

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