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Simple Design

December, 27 2013
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Jo Stephens
Simple Design

One of the best ways to generate business via your law firm website is to keep people on your site longer. At Law Firm Sites, Inc. we have found that to keep people on your site longer, you must make it aesthetic and interesting. To make it aesthetic and interesting, make it simple. Simple web designs can be a great way to get your attorney website noticed and visited. Minimalist design retains only important elements in the layout and removes things that are not essential. It’s about taking away everything possible while still maintaining the purpose of the design and the site as a whole.

“Less is More”

Clean lines and colors are great assets to minimalist sites as well. Using straightforward typography and a simple color palette (sticking with 3-4 colors) are easy ways to implement the simple strategy.

Linear Thinking

Another foundation of simple lawyer website design is to make content the foreground. Putting a clean, clear border around your content helps to delineate the content without losing the design.

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

Using graphics to enhance navigation can also significantly simplify by using bold graphics to add a visual impact without adding clutter. Even adding a single photo and a vertical navigation bar in order to let that single photo speak for itself, can positively alter the minimalist aesthetic.These are just a few simple tricks-of-the-trade that we have picked up over our 13+ years of law web design. Click here or call us today at (800) 932-8242 to learn more about your attorney website design.

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