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SEO Suggestions: How to Guides/Steps to Take

August, 14 2020
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Jo Stephens
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In our last SEO Suggestion blog, we discussed how to build SEO with strong backlinks, and now we are going to talk about content to build your SEO. Content is a way to keep posting and linking and adding keywords that you want to rank for in Google organic searches. Usually, this is done with a legal blog on your website.One type of blog that can be very successful has been the “how to” or “step guide” type blogs. Why?

  • People are looking for easy and quick ways to get started on their case or answers to their law questions.
  • Google has added this aspect to their list of items that they are looking for on a site. Google focuses on helping the customer/client/user. So, if you are offering quick solutions and answers to questions, Google will likely point users to your law firm website.

Because of these benefits, we encourage law firms to have a page or blog dedicated to being a “how to” or a “step guide.” The type of how to or step guide will obviously depend on your area(s) of practice.

Here are some examples:

  • If you are wanting to focus on car accident law, your how to guide article could be “Car Accident Guide: How to Handle an Accident. Similarly, your steps blog could be “5 Steps to Take After Your Car Accident.”
  • If you are wanting to focus on criminal law, you could do “Your guide to your Rights If Arrested,” or, “5 Steps to Take After an Arrest.”
  • If you are wanting to focus on real estate law, you could do “Sellers Guide: Things to Consider When Selling Your House,” or, “10 Steps to buying a home.”

blogYou get the picture. But now you need to make sure that the content within the blog is relevant and helpful. You know what your clients tend to ask and want to know.

Here are some things you’ll need to determine for your blog:

  • What specific type of case would you like to tackle?
  • Are there specific steps or procedures you recommend to your clients?
  • Do you already have a guide that is not on the site?
  • Do you have a brochure you give your clients?

Here are some other things you should keep in mind in the creation of this blog for your law firm website:

  • Do you have a call to action (a sentence that says the customer/client should contact the attorney). Explain how you can help
  • The total word count should be at least 300 words for Google SEO Compliance
  • Lists are You can do a short explanation for each step or point
  • Write short paragraphs to aid in readability
  • Write a catchy title to hook the reader
  • Determine how and where you want the article to be added to your site. Do you want it in a blog? Do you just want a link from your practice area page?

If you have any questions about SEO and blog creation of how to guides and steps to take blogs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Law Firm Sites.

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