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SEO=User Experience

November, 22 2013
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Jo Stephens
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In today’s competitive Internet and New Media market, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that has become invaluable. Michael King, Director of Inbound Marketing for iAcquire stated, “Building a user experience without SEO in mind is like building a car with no engine.” The key to building effective attorney websites is to make it easy for consumers to locate by first building a law website design that is easy for consumers to use. The layers to a good website should be, first and foremost, a strong user experience. This, coupled with a beautiful design and a clear, coherent message. Part of that message should be your SEO. The keywords and links that you select should specifically speak to what you want users to recognize as a value to your site and your company. But, to reiterate, SEO is no excuse for a bad user experience; the search is about the consumer.

Designing for SEO and User Experience

  • Try utilizing faceted navigation for your website designs in order to make the content easier to mouseover. If there are too many links then your mouse often times misses the real cheese and Google knows.
  • Everyone wants to put a flash or a video on their website, but it is important to remember that Google cannot index those things. Keep flash to a minimum and make sure to incorporate text content around the videos.
  • Use social listening tools such as Scout Labs, Alterian SM2, and Social Mention. Use these to find out what your audience is actually looking for. Finally, fine-tune your keywords and SEO-friendly designs to compliment.

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