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Making Your Law Firm Site Approachable: Giving Visitors an Experience

November, 27 2017
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Jo Stephens

Law firm sites have an important job. They need to be professional enough for visitors to take them seriously, but they also need to be engaging enough to get people to stay. Your law firm website is, today, what your front office or reception area was 20 years ago. In many cases, it is the first impression most people will be given of your practice. This is why what you present at a first glance is so important with your legal web design.

Making Your Law Firm Website Stand out

In all likelihood, your prospective clients have enough options already when it comes to legal representation. That being the case, how do you make your practice stand out? Here are a few suggestions for your law firm web site.

Search Engine Optimization  SEO is a vital part of the design of all good . It is also a continuous effort if you want your firm to rank highest in a local search.

Carefully and continuously research current search terms and integrate them into all the copy on your website. A legal web design specialist should be able to assist effectively with this. Do this right and your site will feel approachable. People like it when you speak their language on their level.

Visuals  keep your images small enough that they load quickly. This also helps with SEO. Always use high-quality images that reflect the atmosphere of your practice.

Content Constantly update your blog with relevant information and share your content on social media. Join in conversations and keep on top of social media postings. Link often to your website and make sure the tone of your social channels matches that of your site.

Finally, take note of how your competitors approach content creation and publication. Law firm websites are most successful when they are being sent traffic from multiple sources (social media, email, forums, etc.). Stick with what works but be sure that your website and all of its content give your practice a unique and trustworthy image. Steer clear of flash. The best law websites keep things professional at all times and you will attract more site visitors and, ultimately, land more clients if you do.

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