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Lawyers Getting Linkedin

February, 03 2014
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Jo Stephens
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There are so many social media networks out there today, it can be hard to navigate! It is nice to be able to find one just for professionals. Linkedin is like looking through the classifieds for some, but others use the other side to advertise their services and qualifications. Attorney marketing companies like Law Firm Sites, Inc. use Linkedin for their clients to attract new leads. Linkedin provides a great platform for:

  • Premium Advertising.

    • With a wide variety of ad formats you can reach high-quality, professional audience seeking your information because your banner ad stands out in an uncluttered environment on Linkedin.
  • Sponsored E-mail Marketing.

    • You can send your e-mails directly to members’ inboxes. In addition to security, you have flexible format options to allow you to format your message according to your campaign objectives.
  • Easy PPC Advertising.

    • Put your message in front of your audience with easy-to-use, self-serve PPC. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a great way to direct traffic to your website, generate new leads, and gain new clients.

You know law and we know law firm marketing. Let Law Firm Sites, Inc. take your attorney website to a new level. With our modern SEO techniques, custom website design, and tailored logo branding, we have everything your firm needs to take the market by storm.

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