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Lawyer Website Design Spotlight: Michael P. Doman, Ltd.

August, 25 2015
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Jo Stephens

This week we highlight the lawyer website design of the Law Offices of Michael P. Doman- The Preeminent Chicago Divorce Lawyer.

Why we love his site:

  • Super convenient contact info– the front page gives you everything you need to contact Michael P. Doman immediately.
  • Videos– if you want to get a feel for whom you’ll be dealing with before committing to a consultation, watch the two videos embedded on the Watch to gain an understanding of the type of office and legal practice you’ll be gaining.
  • Awesome depth of content on practice areas– Not only will you get a feel for the type of practice areas this law office focuses on, but many of your questions about the process will be answered right here.
  • Articles– conclusive, insightful, and accurate, these articles are in-depth ways to learn about the aspects of the law that apply most to your situation.
  • Blogs– Furthermore, easy to read and helpful, the blog section answers tough questions without bogging you down in legal jargon.
  • Submit a Question form– sometimes you just need a question answered, and this easy submission form makes it simple.
  • Recent Cases- read about other recent cases and see if you can relate. In addition, by seeing how Michael P. Doman handles other cases, you will be able to tell if he is the right fit for your needs.
  • Mobile Responsive– Finally, access his page and info on your most convenient devices, wherever you are!

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