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Lawyer Website Design- Our Favorite Projects

August, 14 2015
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Jo Stephens
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Are you thinking about getting a new website design, but don’t have a clue about what a modern, sophisticated website should look like? Confused about what kind of features have become standard, what you can’t do without, and what will really set you apart? Check out some of our favorite lawyer website design projects for ideas:

Why we love

  • Chat box that immediately tries to engage clients
  • Scrolling pictures that make the page dynamic
  • Tons of useful content

We say “wow” for

  • Videos that show you who you’d be working with and give you a feel for the company
  • Blogs that are constantly updated with fresh, relevant material
  • Bold color scheme

We’re crazy about

  • Mobile responsive site fills whatever screen size you have with the perfect amount of content
  • Contact information is easily available
  • Great logos on the bottom take you to the most popular pages

Nothing “pops” like

  • Engaging and relatable pictures moving at the perfect speed- not too fast that you can’t read the captions, but not so slow that you lose interest
  • Fixed Menu bar at the top scrolls with you so you can access those handy links constantly
  • Fresh, modern look- definitely up-to-date

We’re gaga for

  • This site’s classic contrast of bold color with black and white photos definitely has a “presence”
  • The individual pictures on the “Areas of Practice” on the left are just begging to be clicked on
  • The FAQ’s- because isn’t that what everyone really wants, when they go to a webpage?

Want more ideas? Check out our other Recent Clients page, and then contact us for a free, personalized design proposal for your unique site. Our experienced team will help you realize the site you’ve always needed. Start building your web presence today!

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