Law Firm Websites

December 24, 2015
AB Testing

Law Firm Websites are tools that if used correctly can drive in significant amount of business into any firm. The problem that most firms face is not cost but return on investment.

AB Testing

Variant Testing Ensures Your Law Firm Website Converts

It is fairly easy to spend $3,000 – $5,000 on law firm websites but what do you get for the money? If you are going to spend that kind of money you sure a heck better get a solid return on that investment. It comes down to two things, how well the site takes a visitor and turns them into a telephone call and how many people see it.

The way to ensure the site converts visitors into telephone calls is Google Experiments. This tool actually lets you do A/B testing on your site to ensure it is converting at a high rate. If it isn’t converting, you simple adjust elements and test again. This is the only proven method out there to guarantee a visitor actually picks up the phone.

It takes developers a little longer to develop with this method but it pays off long-term. A site that converts at a high rate has better ranking and generates more calls.

Corporate headquarters of Google

Google Adwords can be expensive but gives great ROI

According to WordStream, a good conversion rate is about 5%. This takes time and effort to get 5% of all website visitors to connect with you. A/B testing ensures your conversion rate isn’t 1%. According to their article WordStream says “So what is a good conversion rate? About 1/4 of all accounts have less than 1% conversion rates. The median was 2.35%, but the top 25% of accounts have twice that – 5.31% – or greater. Check out the far right red bar – the top 10% of AdWords advertisers have account conversion rates of 11.45%.”

Getting people to see your website is huge for your law firm websites success. Here are the top 5 methods of lawyer SEO:

  1. Build backlinks
  2. Blog/ Social Media Marketing
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Press Releases
  5. Remove All Website Errors

We will discuss in detail this list of 5 more in the future.

Remember the two most important factors when building law firm websites are conversions and traffic. Those two elements will yield not just more clients but better clients as well. If you would like a free strategic report of your site and your competitors call Daniel Todd at (800) 932-8242 today.