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Bad Backlinks and Google’s Changes

January, 28 2014
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Jo Stephens

At Law Firm Sites, Inc. our law firm marketing team is continually researching modern SEO tricks of the trade to stay on top of your lawyer website and Google’s constantly changing ranking criteria.

Most recently, Google has been penalizing companies for their bad backlinks. A backlink is a link from one website to another. If you hired a company do SEO work on your site and they paid for backlinks, Google considers paid backlinks as an attempt to cheat their system and it will negatively reflect on your ranking. At Law Firm Sites, we contact reputable, professional, and relevant attorney networking bloggers and publish guest blog posts on their sites with links that benefit our clients. Our backlinks are never paid, they are simply well written.

If you have found that your search engine ranking and traffic has decreased, you may find that bad backlinks are to blame. But, fortunately, Google will allow you to “disavow” (get rid of) bad backlinks if you have been penalized for them.

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Change Is Good

The SEO world has changed and is continuing to change. With the increase in Google Algorithm updates, what search engines are judging your site on has changed from a more number heavy ranking system (based on backlinks and site references) to what will in the future become mostly social driven. A great website with good content has always been important. However, it is now even more imperative that a website has unique content. Especially to invite visitors to stay on the website.

Compelling content on your website entices people to return to your site more than any banner or ad will. It’s critical to have fresh, engaging content on your website. With good content, you are providing something of value to your website visitors.

The future of SEO and ranking on Google will definitely be heavily focused on social media and fresh content on your website. That change has already begun. To see what the top experts in the SEO field think about the future of Google and SEO, see the following article:

Top SEO factors that we will be focusing on with our clients are:

1.) Increasing the amount of time that visitors stay on your website. We’ll do this by helping you maintain good and compelling content on your website, through written, visual, and downloadable content.

2.) Engaging socially, through blogs and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

*See a list of Google’s changes in their algorithms here:

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