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Google Plus Is For Lawyers

January, 27 2015
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Jo Stephens
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Google Plus can give your rank an easy boost

Google Plus is for lawyers. It is a forgotten tool by many that can lead to increased cases. That is the good. The bad is that it is rarely used by your competitors so you have an opportunity. The ugly? Well it takes some discipline to regularly contribute to your Google Plus account.

According to Cyrus Shepard in his article on a recent study shows the effectiveness of using Google Plus. He says “After Page Authority, a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. In fact, the correlation of Google +1s beat out other well known metrics including linking root domains, Facebook shares, and even keyword usage.” Here is the link to his article:

Jesse Colombo wrote an article recently for Forbes where he outlines how to build a large following on Google Plus. It is information you may already know but need to be reminded about. In order to have success on this social media network you need to do 10 things:

  1. Set up the account
  2. Develop a unique theme or topic for your postings
  3. Post media-rich content
  4. Post regularly
  5. Find quality followers
  6. Promote your Google Plus page on your blog and elsewhere
  7. Interact and show personality
  8. Show interest in others’ work
  9. Be an active commenter on popular pages
  10. Ask your followers to invite their friends

Here is the article in full:

My suggestion is to hire a college kid who needs some marketing experience to do this for you. No reason you should be out doing all of this. Let’s face it, you may get excited at first but then you will get busy and the account will get stale.

Delegate to someone you trust to actively run your Google Plus account and you will see an increased rank on Google and an increase in your new cases.

For more info and help, please let us know.

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