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Google Plus: A Friend with Benefits

November, 29 2013
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Jo Stephens
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In order to maintain efficiency, Google changes the way it ranks sites to make sure nobody figures out exactly how they index and rank. There is randomness programmed into their ranking results. Therefore, other means of ranking, besides just your website content alone, is necessary in order to build your ranking. At Law Firm Sites, Inc. we have discovered that social media is the key to getting you a better ranking. Why? Because Google is encouraged to index backlinks and social media sites are rife with backlinks. Every time something is posted to a social media site, there is a link posted along with it. Our attorney websites also maintain a social media link—a little icon somewhere on the site that indicated a Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Google Plus profile.

While Facebook is the most widely recognized social media site, Google Plus is in direct competition. When the king of search engines also builds a social media feature, it is a good idea to sign up for it.  A Google Plus profile will increase your site ranking. Our legal sites SEO team works constantly to increase ranking through blog posting, social media feeds, and content management. You can double your lawyer website ranking by posting too. Post frequent blogs and social media comments, photos, and other information to help us get your site nearer to the top of Google ranking.

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