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Google Analytics Breakdown: Making it easy to understand all the SEO jargon – Part 3

December, 26 2017
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Jo Stephens

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Now lets talk about website analytics and the traffic your law firm website is generating.

Sessions vs Users

We’ll cover this one together since they are very similar and easy to confuse.

A User is a person (technically an IP address) who has come to your website and interacted with it. They clicked or scrolled and have shown a genuine interest.

A Session is every time a person has come to your site whether they stuck around to check it out or left right away. Both metrics are important, but Users is a high indicator of customer interaction.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a term you will hear often. This refers to how many sessions resulted in a person viewing only one single page of your site versus interacting with the site by clicking on a subsequent page. There are numerous law web design factors that contribute to bounce rate. It’s almost impossible to compare yours with another website even if both sites have similar law firm website designs.

What you want to pay attention to with your site’s bounce rate is how steady it is. If it is consistently 35% then that’s your own average and a great sign that clients are able to navigate the site in the same manner. If you see an anomaly like it increasing to 60% that’s when you investigate and look for issues.

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources (or source/medium) is the data piece that will clue you into where the traffic on your site is coming from – the originating source. You will want to watch the Organic Traffic source specifically. Especially if you’ve increased your legal advertising SEO efforts you’ll want to watch for the number of Users or Sessions coming from the Organic Traffic source to increase as that is where you are concentrating your effort, time and money.

Law Firm Sites is able to combine both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to create a full encompassing organic online marketing strategy for your law firm. From the start of the law web design process to the nitty-gritty of the search engines – they will walk you through it all. Together you’ll discuss and implement actionable tactics. Then, you will watch the results filter in via your website traffic as you successfully navigate the complexities of SEO.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?